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Agyojames.com is a blog created in 2021 by Agyo James to help people learn how to become successful through blogging, affiliate marketing and freelancing.

He is an internet marketer, blogger, SEO, freelance writer with over 5 years of experience, so he uses agyojames.com to share the knowledge he have acquired over the past years to help anyone learn how to become successful on the internet

Not just that, He also review products on the blog and share almost general information in the tech niche.

Who is Agyo James?

Agyo James hails from Bayelsa state in Nigeria, he completed his Senior secondary education in 2016 and is now preparing to further his academics at the Niger Delta University in Amassoma where he lives.

He is the owner of the largest Blogspot tips Facebook group "Blogspot Success' with more than 800 members where he shares tips on how to use blogspot to start a blog and make money.

He started blogging in 2018 with a free blogspot blog, he further his blogging career by starting his professional blog agyojames.com in 2021.

He started his professional blog using the funds that he raised from the free blogs he have created in the past,

If Agyo James is not blogging, he is reading, exercising or hanging out with friends on his free time.

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