15 Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria right now

15 Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria right now

How to make money online in Nigeria right now

In this very detailed post, I am going to be showing you 15 different ways to make money online in Nigeria right now, even if you are a student, a stay at home mom or you don’t have a job or you are looking for a second income online

Im going to go in depth to reveal to you all the 15 things you can start doing today to make money online for yourself, so if you this sounds like a topic of interest to you, kindly sit back and relax and read through this guide because you are not going to regret it

First of all, before I even start, let me quickly warn you that making money is not an easy or something that can be achieved instantly, all the ways to make money online mentioned in this guide wont work if you are not determined or consistent

Lets face the reality, even in the real world, making money is not easy, and it never will be, so before you start, kindly bare this in mind.

So now that we have that out of the way, lets start seeing these things that you can do to make money online in Nigeria.

Some of the things I share below require a little investment of money and some of them you can achieve them simply by investing only your time, so lets get started.

    1. Create a youtube channel

    Youtube is the second biggest website in the world after google, you might be wondering why, well youtube is believed to be a social media where people can create videos and share with the world, apart from that, youtube is also a search engine like google

    There are millions of tutorial videos and entertainment videos also news videos are all available on youtube, and people like you and I are the ones who are creating these videos, some people are just dong it for fun, while others are doing it to teach people stuff and so on

    Whatever their reasons are, they can monetize the videos they upload on youtube by simply allowing google to advertise businesses in their videos

    If you are familiar with youtube videos, then chances are, you’ve seen ads showing inside of the videos that you are watching, in many cases, the creators of these videos will earn money as you watch their videos

    So you can also make money on youtube by simply creating a google account, signing up for youtube and creating videos, eventually, when plenty people find and watch your videos, you can monetize it, but just as I said earlier

    There is no easy way to make money online, even on youtube, because you need 4000 watch time hours and at least 1000 people subscribed to your youtube channel for you to be able to make money with it, and getting these numbers is not that easy

    However, with consistency, you can also start making money with youtube, I know of people who created a youtube channel and monetized it in a matter of 3 months, so if you learn some few things like youtube SEO and promotion

    You can get your youtube channel monetized in a shorter time. Creating your own youtube channel is easy, just get a google account and go to youtube.com, tap on your profile image and select create a channel and you will start creating your own youtube channel.

    2. Start a blog

    The second way in my list to make money online in Nigeria is by starting a blog, a blog is like an online journal where you write and publish articles for people to read, for example, if you are skillful in SEO (search engine optimiziation) you can create a blog and start creating articles to teach people your SEO knowledge

    And just like with youtube, you can monetize the traffic that are coming to read your blog regularly, this guide you are reading is the kind of articles that you can create for people to read.

    Your blog can be about anything, you can also create entertainment contents, news contents and so on, and when people are reading your blog, you can monetize it through ads, affiliate marketing etc
    We are going to talk about affiliate marketing later in this guide.

    Starting a blog is very easy, you can start your blog for free or paid version, if you want to create a professional blog like this one you are reading now, you need to buy a domain name, a domain name is the name of your blog

    After that, you may need a hosting account if you want to create your blog with wordpress, but if you want to create your blog with blogger, you don’t need a hosting account, all you need is a domain name and you will be able to create your own professional blog, for a detailed guide on how to start a paid blog, read this guide

    But if you are not ready to spend money on blogging yet, you can create a free one with blogger, just go to blogger.com and sign in using your google account and start creating your blog, for more information on how to create your free blog, read this guide.

    After you are done creating your blog, the next thing is to start writing blog post for people to read, and after a few months or weeks, you can start monetizing your blog and make money from your blog whether free or paid.

    3. Become a freelancer

    If youre looking for free ways to make money online in Nigeria, the number one thing I will advise you to do is to start freelancing

    Freelancing is when you offer services online and make money while sitting in the comfort of your home, this services can be anything like web design, writing, graphic design, video editing and so on
    Freelancing is the best free way to make money online, because you don’t need to spend a dime, all you need is a skill that you will be rendering for clients and you are good to go.

    To learn a skill, you can go over to google or youtube and learn from there, you can learn whatever skill that you like, it can be graphic design, SEO, video editing, copywriting or anything at all, there are a lot of videos and blogs that you can learn from

    With the internet, you are just some few clicks away from learning whatever it is that you want to learn, after learning your selected skill, you can go ahead to freelance websites and create your account, set it up with some brief information about you and your skill and then you will start getting clients from all around the world

    Freelance websites are like social media for freelancers and clients, just like you can find your sister and mom on Facebook, you can find someone 

    that is looking for who to hire on freelance websites, there are many freelance websites on the internet, but not all of them are good for beginners

    In my opinion, I will advise you to start with Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer, because they are beginner friendly and you will easily find jobs on these websites

    After taking these steps, you can start making money online in Nigeria through freelancing, for more information , read how to work on fiverr as a freelancer.

    4. Write ebooks

    Another great way to make money online in Nigeria is simply by creating an ebook, an ebook is an electronic book which can be read on computers, smartphones and tablets, and anyone can create an ebook, 

    As long as what you are planning to write in the book is worth reading, people will surely purchase your book, anyone can create an ebook, although, you may need some graphic design to create the cover of the book but after getting that out of the way

    the rest things will come in handy. you can use free tools like google docs to create your own ebook which can be shared with anyone around the world, for example, you can check out this my free ebook which I am giving to my email subscribers only

    That is a good example of an ebook, now some people will say okay so after creating this ebook, how do I make money from it? Let me show you how

    After launching your ebook, to be sure if people are going to love it, kindly give like 2 to 3 people for free to read and give you a feedback, and if they give you a positive feedback from your work, that means people can spend some money for what you wrote in the ebook

    After that, the next thing is to publicize it online, you can share it on your facebook timeline for your friends to buy or anyone that view your profile can see the ebook, after that, you can share it on all your social media profiles like instagram, twitter and so on

    Now all the above ways are free ways to make money by selling your ebook, but if you have some few bucks to invest into the promotion, trust me you are going to make good money online  simply by selling your ebook

    You can run facebook ads for your ebook for Facebook to advertise it to people, after running your facebook ads, you can just start seeing sales rolling in until the ads is exhausted.
    For a more detailed guide on how to create an ebook, read this guide.

    5. Become a digital marketer

    The fifth way to make money online here in Nigeria is by becoming a digital marketer, digital marketing can make you serious money if you do it well, digital marketers are people who uses digital channels to promote products, services or build brand awereness.

    With this skill, you can sell anything to people on the internet, for example, lets say you have a fashion business and you are lacking sales, you can easily use digital marketing to promote your business or products so that thousands or millions of people will see your business and products

    Are you seeing this pattern? Take this as an example, a store that is built in a pool of people and a business built in a quite or desolate place, which of these two will make sales? Of course is the one built in a pool of people because if your products or business is exposed to more people, you will definitely make more sales

    That is why digital marketing is very important, apart from promoting your own products or business, you can also get hired by business owners so that you can help them promote their businesses

    6. Start dropshipping

    Dropshipping is also a great way to make money online in Nigeria, dropshipping is simple to do and if you do it well, you are going to make serious money from it

    Dropshipping is like selling products that does not belong to you, it is a way to make money by selling other people’s products, but don’t take this in the wrong way, because dropshipping is totally a legal way to make money online

    It doesn’t mean you will be stealing people’s products to sell and make money, it is simply the process of creating an online store where you load it with people’s products, you will set your own prices for these products and make money each time someone buys from your online store

    You might be wondering, well how do I make money from this and how do I deliver what people have bought to them?

    In dropshipping, you only need to make sales, the owner of the products that you are selling will handle the delivery, it is totally off your hands.

    Anyone can do dropshipping and it is very easy to do, the best dropshipping website in Nigeria where you can start your own dropshipping career and make money online is called Oberlo, to read more information about dropshipping, you should how to start dropshipping in Nigeria and make money

    7. Start ecommerce business

    Ecommerce is also a very good way to make money online, but it needs huge capital to be done, because we are talking of serious business here, an ecommerce business for example is Amazon.com or jumia.com

    This ecommerce websites sells thousands if not millions of products to people on the internet, anyone can create an ecommerce store, even if you don’t have enough money to create an ecommerce website like jumia or amazon, you can also start small

    By simply selling a single product, your own ecommerce can feature only hand bags or anything like that, and then with time, you can start expanding it into a general ecommerce website where you sell almost everything

    This is a great way to make money online in Nigeria because they number of internet users in Nigeria is increasing day by day, and this only means that more and more people will be buying things online than before

    Creating an ecommerce store needs some programming skills, so you may need to hire a programmer to do it for you.

    But don’t just jump into business like that, carryout some research about this business before jumping into it.

    So in my case, I will advise you to read how to start ecommerce business in Nigeria

    8. Create a course

    Creating a course is really lucrative, and the best part of this is that anyone can create a course, a course is like creating a simple information that teaches people how to do something in demand, this thing can be anything like drawing, running facebook ads, SEO etc

    If you have a skill or are knowledgeable in something, you can create an information that will teach people what you know, after that, you can set a price for your course and start selling it to people that want to learn that skill that you are teaching

    It is quite easy, even if you don’t have a skill yet, with a few internet researches you can learn one, create a course for it and then start selling it to potential buyers.

    Your course can be in a form of video, ebook, a group, or a private webpage, anything in this manner can be used to create an online course that people can pay you for.

    But just like every other business, it is also not easy to make money with online courses, you need to have a few bucks to spend on ads, because with ads, you can make serious money from selling your course.

    9. Become a programmer

    Programming is a very lucrative skill, remember in the ecommerce section above where I mentioned that you will need a programmer to create your ecommerce store for you? If you read that section then you will remember that I did

    Well, programmers don’t only make money by getting hired to create ecommerce websites, but they also make money by creating mobiles apps, smartphone apps, web apps, creating responsive websites and so on

    This means that, if you have a programming skill, you don’t necessarily need to wait for clients to hire you, you can easily build an app and start charging people for using it or by running ads inside of your applications

    Learning programming wont take that much time, you can learn programming in 3 to 6 months and start doing it like a pro.

    So the 9th way to make money online in Nigeria is by becoming a programmer, are you interested in learning programming, you can watch youtube videos and read blogs and with time, you will be surprised at the results.

    10. Become a web developer

    Web developers make huge money online, they get hired frequently to work for clients both in and outside of the country, and you can also become a web developer today and make money from it, seriously

    Web developers are people that develop websites and web apps, and one thing to note about this skill is that, it is one of the top most valuable skills in the world, because almost all the businesses are in demand of building their presence on the internet

    And the first thing they need to do is to hire a web developer to build their website for them, so if you learn this skill, you will be among the web developers that clients are steadily hiring for their projects.
    Also, learning web developing is not a difficult thing, although it takes time to learn but after learning it, you will fall in love with it.

    11. Sign up for survey sites

    This is for those that are looking to make little money online in Nigeria, because survey sites pay really small money, although you don’t need to put in any money or huge efforts to start making money with survey sites in Nigeria

    Survey sites are websites where products and business owners go and pay the websites owners for their products and business to be surveyed by real people, so after this businesses have paid the website owners, people like you can me can sign up as a member, review these products or business and give our opinion on them

    The businesses are using our opinion to improve their business and products, but just as you are expecting, the pay is really small, so the trick and tip that you can use to make good money from survey sites in Nigeia is by signing up for many survey sites

    So that when they pay you, you will add all the money they pay to make up a reasonable amount of money.

    There are many survey websites that you can sign up for and make money from.

    Best survey websites to make money online in Nigeria

    Above are the top 5 survey websites you can make money from here in Nigeria, you can sign up for all of them to maximize your earnings.

    12. Start affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing is a very great way to make money online, as it doesn’t require any skill or money to do

    Affiliate marketing is simply promoting other business’ products and make money each time someone buys the products from your affiliate link, an affiliate link is the link you get when you sign up as an affiliate on a website

    You will share these links with people telling them about the product and you will eventually make money when they click your link and make purchase of the product which you are promoting
    If you don’t know about affiliate marketing,

    I have written a free affiliate marketing ebook that I share only with my email subscribers, and you can also get it for free, simply click here to the ebook delivered to your email address.

    There are many affiliate websites that you can sign up for, Amazon is one of them, Jumia, Clickbank and so on, and all these affiliate websites depends on the type of product you want to promote

    If you want to promote digital products, you can sign up for clikbank affiliate, but if you want to promote physical products like smartphones, clothes or even toothbrush, and each time someone clicks your links and buy any of the products, you will be credited with a little amount of the product

    Affiliate marketing is really a great way to make money online in Nigeria, and if you would like to start, kindly read this article to learn more about affiliate marketing.

    13. Become a graphic designer

    Graphic design is one of the top in demand skills, if you are able to acquire a graphic design skill, you can get hired by clients from all around the world, or you can simply create beautiful pictures and sell them to potential buyers

    Even if you don’t have a graphic design skill, you can watch videos on youtube to start learning the skill, and in few months, you will be able to start doing it like no man’s business.

    14. Sell your photos

    Do you know that you can sell photos online and make money in Nigeria? Yes, you heard that right, people are doing it and can you, although you may need a good camera to do this, because the photos of which you will be selling will be bought by people

    So nobody will spend money on bad photos, so before you start thinking of making money with this process, make sure you have a clear camera or a smartphone with a very good camera

    some android phones have good cameras, but the best phones with good cameras are Iphones and Samsung phones

    Or you if you don’t have a good camera, you can create photos through graphic design and then you can be able to sell them online.

    Where to sell your photos and make money online in Nigeia

    • On your website
    • Adobe stock
    • Alamy
    • Shutterstock
    • Etsy
    These top 5 websites are very good for you as a beginner, so if you are interested to start selling photos online and make money you can start with these 5 websites.

    15. Start crypto trading

    Crypto trading is a really good way to make money online, it is the process of buying and selling of crypto currencies, I am pretty sure you have heard of this before, people are making really good money from it.

    But there is a reason why I made it the last in the list, and that’s because, it is risky, as you can make huge money from it, you can also lose money, in fact, I will advise you to do in depth research before jumping into it.

    Final thought on 15 ways to make money online in Nigeria

    So there you have it my friends, all of the ways I mentioned above if done correctly, you can make good money from it, one thing that will keep you from making money from these easy ways is if you are not consistent

    To make money online or offline, you first need to start, and secondly you need to be consistent, without these 2 things, it will never be possible

    So I hope you like this post, please before you go, kindly help me by sharing this post with others on social media, thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you next time.

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