21 Proven Ways to Get Visitors to Your Blog in 2021

Below are the list of 21 ways to get millions of traffic to your blog starting from Right Now!!!

Ways to get traffic to your blog

Follow the below ways to get visitors to your blog fast, all the ways are proven to be working!, they have worked for me and will also work for anyone that implement them on their blogs.

Getting traffic to your blog is a hell lot of work, especially if your blog is just new and don’t have direct visitors, if your blog is new, probably no one knows of its existence,

But when you follow the below ways, you are going to see results in a matter of days, some of the ways will give you results within minutes.

Take a look at the below screenshot, 

Traffic results for agyojames.com

That is the amount of pageviews I got for agyojames.com, I followed this same ways and acquired this result

So without further ado, lets get right into today’s posts

So if you are ready to start getting traffic to your blog, do all of the things mentioned below.

But if you are short on time, you can pick the ones that you think are best for you, however, all the ways of getting traffic mentioned in this post are working.

If you don't already have a blog, read my how to start a blog and make money for free guide

1. Write guest posts

You’ve probably heard of guest posting before, and if you haven’t, guest posting is when you as a blogger, publish a nice piece of content on other peoples blogs and have a link back to your own blog,

It is a smart way to get ton of traffic to your blog, especially if the blog you publish the content on have a good amount of monthly visitors,

It is a smart way to build backlinks to your blog too, backlinks are very important for every blog, and one of the best ways to build backlinks is by guest posting on other blogs

If you haven’t been doing guest posting, it is time to add it to your blogging arsenal, it will be really helpful for you.

How to start guest blogging

The smart way to find guest posting blogs is by doing a Google search, this is the smartest way to find guest posting sites

How to find guest blogging sites to drive traffic to your blog
I searched for Blogging "write for us" and found many blogs that accepts guest posts, you can replace "Blogging" with your niche and find guest blogging sites.

Just go to Google and type your niche "guest posting sites", your niche "write for us", your niche "submit guest post", when you do this, you will see a list of many blogs in your niche that accepts guest posting, 

these sites will appear in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), when they appear, you can browse through them and write down the ones you like and start submitting guest posts.

Another way to find guest posting blogs is by doing a manual reach out to blog owners, here is how to go about it.

Create quality contents on your blog first, after getting some high quality contents on your blog, find blogs that are related to yours and reach out to them with a request to publish a quality article on their blog.

Some blogs have a write for us page where you can quickly reach out to them with ease, but some blogs don’t have a write for us page, when you see this kind of blogs

Write for us page for guest blogging

You can try connecting with the owner of the blog on social media or through their email, after getting this information

Start making friends with them, once you gain their friendship, you can ask them to allow you to publish on their blog.

Many bloggers will agree with you and many will not, some people may charge you for a guest posts, but if you don’t want to pay, you can move on to find other blogs

If you are able to publish on a big blog, you are going to get a ton of visitors to your blog almost immediately.

2. Be active on social media

Over 4.2 billion people are active on social media, and the number is set to reach 4.41 billion in 2025 according to statista.

Number of social media users in 2021
The number of social media users in 2021 according to statista

Your customers and people interested in your blog posts are actively using social media, so why not tap from there, considering the number of worldwide social media users, you can be driving thousands, if not millions of traffic to your blog every month from social media.

So if you haven’t been using social media to drive traffic to your blog, you are missing out on a lot, another great reason you should be using social media is

Google also uses your blogs activity on social media to rank your blog, if your blog contents are frequently shared on social media Google will notice it and understand that your content is of great value and then they will help rank your blog higher on the search engine.

Helping you get those sweet organic visitors flooding to your blog, social media is also a great way to get backinks to your site, which in turn will help your overall blog rank higher on search engines

Create social media pages for your blog, there are many social media websites out there, however, the ones I will recommend for you to use are

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest
  4. Instagram
  5. Linkedin
  6. Reddit
  7. Myspace

There are ton of others, but start with these 7, they are great, but don’t just create a page and leave them there.

Each time you publish a new post on your blog, share it on each of the social medias you are using, and a ton of people will see the link and click to visit your blog.

Other bloggers may also see your link, and if you are creating good contents, they can automatically link to your site, which will increase your organic traffic and also direct readers from their blogs to yours 

So start using social media today to get visitors to your blog, if you haven’t been doing so.

3. Publish highly SEO contents

SEO (search engine optimization) is the art of setting up your contents or overall blog for search engines so that, search engines can rank your blog or blog posts higher when people search for your target keywords.

And if your blog is ranking on search engines, this means that people will definitely find it and visit your blog.

If you optimize your blog posts, they will rank high on search engines and help you get organic traffic to your blog, 

SEO is not a quick way to get traffic to your blog, it works with time, so keep that at the back of your mind, most beginners start implementing SEO on their blog and after a few weeks or days, they give up thinking it is worthless or not working, SEO is the best way to drive traffic to your blog, because searchers are really thirsty for contents.

Nobody will go to search engine and start searching for “how to cook” if they don’t really want to know how to cook, so if you are able to rank for a keyword like that, you are going to be getting ton of highly targeted visitors to your blog

How to write SEO contents

1. Target low competition keywords

For your SEO to work faster, you need to target low competition keywords, low competition keywords are the keywords that don’t have too much relevant results when searched on search engines.

For example, “how to start a blog” is a high competition keyword because there are a lot of results ranking for that same keyword, and the sites that rank for this keyword are well known sites.

How to start a blog Keyword overview
"How to start a blog" is a high competition keyword because a lot of sites are already ranking for the keyword

So for you to rank for this keyword, it can take forever, it is not impossible to rank for a high competition keyword, but it will take you a lot of time in order to rank, especially if your blog is new.

So before you write a blog post on your blog, make sure you are targeting a low competition keyword, you can use free keyword research tools to get some low completion keywords

The best free keyword research tool I use is ubersuggest, all you need to do is to go to the website and type in your keyword, after typing it, click search

And the website will tell you how difficult the keyword is, the lower the difficulty, the better.

For a better guide on how to do Keyword research, read this blog post on Ahrefs blog

2. Include your main keyword in the title

If you are writing a blog post about cooking, then your title must include the term cooking, food, cook, food and so on, if your title does not include any of these keywords

Include your Keyword in your blog post title

Then it cant be treated as a blog post about cooking, search engine robots take notes of this each time they are scanning your posts, so make sure your blog post title contain your main keyword in it.

3. Mention your keyword earlier in your post

Search engine robots scans your posts and judges if it is really good for searchers to see, when they scan your posts, they are expecting your posts to be laser focused on the topic it covers so they pay attention to how many times you mention the keyword in the post

Mention your keyword earlier in your post to get visitors to your blog

That’s why it is good to include your main keyword earlier in your post, when you do this and also repeat the keyword 2 to 3 times in the contents

They’ll understand that your content is about that keyword, thus, help you to rank it high on search engines.

But avoid keyword stuffing, if you try to game the search engine robots, youll end up getting a red flag on your blog post

Make sure you mention your keyword where it is necessary, if you do it too much it will end up giving you a bad result.

4. Use alt tags in your images

Alt tags are a few line of texts explaining what an image is about to the search engines, a proper use of the alt tags will result in high ranking for your keyword.

For example, if you are writing a blog post about fruits and you include a picture of an orange, you can include an alt tag for the image as, an orange on the table.

Using alt tags to increase ranking and traffic

Because search engine bots cant see images, you can communicate with them about your images using the alt tags, if you use a good alt tag, the search engine bots will understand what your blog post is about and help you rank high on search engines.

5. Include your keyword in the headings of your post

Headings are like sub topics of your blog posts, for example, if you are writing a post about singing, your headings will include things like “how to improve your singing ability” “how to control your voice” and so on

Include your Keyword in your headings

When you do this, search engines will understand that your blog post is about singing and then they will in turn, when people search for that keyword, they will rank your blog post for it.

Above are a list of the most important things you should focus on when writing an SEO blog post that will rank high and drive traffic to your blog.

4. Publish long form blog posts

People and search engines love long form blog posts, this is because, a long form blog post will cover more about a topic than a short one.

For example, if you and I write blog post on how to start a blog, and yours is about 2000 words and mine is about 500 words, search engines will favor your content over mine.

Because you create something epic, you covered every part of the post and I on the other hand cover just a little about that topic, 

When you create this kind of contents, they will rank high on search engines, and people will share your blog post because it is helpful.

And the more people share your blog posts and search engine rank it, you are going to get a ton of visitors coming to your blog

5. Share your contents on social media

I’ve told you about the importance of having a social media page for your blog, this one is about pushing your contents a lot on those social medias.

Billions of people are using social media, and for you to reach the front of those people you need to promote your contents on it seriously.

Almost all the successful blogs you know have at least one social media profile where they share their contents on.

Think of it this way, lets say, you have 300 friends on facebook and each of your friends have 300 friends on their profiles, if you share your contents on facebook, your post is going to be seen by these people, even though not all of them will see it, but at least a quarter of them will see it

Which is about 100 people, and among those 300 friends, 50 people share the same blog post on their profiles, that’s an extra 5000 people seeing your post on their facebook profiles.

Talk more of promoting the same way on twitter, linkedin and the rest of them, you are going to get a ton of visitors coming to your blog when you implement this strategy.

6. Publish contents frequently

Publish contents frequently on your blog, it will help you get returning visitors to your blog, when visitors land on your blog, and see that you are frequent with publishing contents

They’ll more likely want to come back next time for another read, that happens when you publish a more quality post though,

If you publish blog posts once and never publish again then they don’t have any reason to return to your blog anymore, you can be publishing twice or thrice a week, it will go a long way.

7. Start accepting guest posts

Earlier, I told you about becoming a guest poster on other blogs, this time around, you are the one who should allow other bloggers to publish blog posts on your blog, this is because, whenever someone publishes a blog post on your blog

The person will more likely promote it on other places to showcase their work on other blogs, when they do this, they are promoting their blog post, but also promoting your blog, so it is a win-win.

You can create a write for us page on your blog, and most times when bloggers in your niche come across your blog, they will like to contribute to your blog.

Another great importance of accepting guest posts on your blog is, when someone publishes a blog post on your blog, they will more likely link to it automatically from their own blog.

8. Run ads for your blog posts

The fastest way to start getting readers instantly to your blog post is by running ads for the blog posts, if you run ads on your blog, it will be advertised to people.

And when people see your advertisements, they will visit your blog, one great thing about running ads for blog post is, it doesn’t have to be optimized for search engine and it doesnt take too much time to start seeing results.

You don’t have to spend time promoting it manually on social media, with just some few clicks, you'll appear in front of millions of people and start fetching traffic to your blog.

Although, I will not recommend running ads for all of your blog posts, only run ads for your blog post when you are going to make profit from it, 

I myself, I haven’t run ads on any of my blog posts before, and I am doing good without it, so, only run ads for your blog posts when necessary. 

9. Upload videos on youtube

Youtube is the largest video sharing sites, it is mainly for uploading and watching videos, but practice have shown me how powerful youtube can be when it comes to driving targeted traffic to your blog.

Upload videos on Youtube and get visitors to your blog

When you upload a video to youtube, you also have the option to write a few description of the video, when writing this description, you can include a link back to your blog

When viewers view your video, they also can see the description of the video where a link to your blog is presented, they can click that link and arrive at your blog at anytime.

You only need to optimize your CTR (Click Through Rate), if you encourage them in your videos to read the description and visit your blog for something special, they sure will do, so if you haven’t been using Youtube to drive traffic to your blog,

You are missing out on a lot of visitors, start using youtube to drive traffic to your blog today if you haven’t been doing it.

10. Input share buttons on your blog

Share buttons to increase traffic to your blog

When readers share your blog posts, it is a sign that the post is helpful or controversial, and when they share your posts, more and more people will see it,

If you don’t provide a share button on your blog, they will find it hard to share your posts, so if your blog don’t have social share buttons yet, you should probably consider adding it.

Adding social buttons to your blog can be done within minutes or less, if you are using wordpress as your content management system, there are pluggins that will help you input social share buttons on your blog.

And if you are using blogger, you can also use free online tools to generate a code which if you include in your blog’s html will automatically make the social share buttons available on your blog,

Whichever platform you are using to blog, make sure you use social share buttons on your blog so you don’t give your readers hard times sharing your posts to their social media profiles.

11. Publish helpful contents

Have you ever read a blog post or a video that really solved your problem? If yes is your answer to this question, how you feel about consuming the contents is exactly how people will feel whenever they read your blog posts or consume your contents.

It is a very bad feeling to take your time reading a blog post and end up hating yourself for doing it, if you publish blog posts that are not helpful to your readers.

You’ll hardly build any fan base, people wont love to come back to your blog, hell no! no one likes wasting their time reading junk texts, so what you should do is

Whenever you are creating content, make sure it solves the readers problem, 

how do you know if your content will solve reader’s problem?

Here is how I go about it, after writing a blog posts offline, I simply invite one of my friend to read through the posts and tell me how he feels about it.

If he gives me a thumbs up, I will move on to another person and also ask the same question, if these two people agrees that the blog post is valuable, I will move on to publish it on my blog.

But if in case any of them finds it bad, I’ll ask him further questions to know which part of the blog post is bad, then I’ll work on the areas that need correction after that I will move on to publish the article to my blog.

This tactic is working really well for me, and I’ll encourage you to try it out.

12. Mention other bloggers in your posts

People love it when you talk positively about them even bloggers like myself, I find it nice when someone talk good things about me, and I will bet everyone loves it.

In blogging, when you talk about someone and give them credit for the good work they do, they will more likely share it with their readers to see, and from there, you are building your own brand and also having a share from a good blogger who have many followers.

From there, you will be able to get traffic whenever they share your content, it is also a good way to build relationship between you and the blogger.

So if you know any blogger who is doing really good work on their blog, first of all, get in touch with them on social medias, after that, read their article which they promote a lot or like talking about,

When you write your next blog posts, mention that work in your piece and reach out to them letting them know you did, and ask them to share your contents and link back to it, politely.

If they do, you just earn a link or a share or both from someone with many followers, this will help you in term of link building, and most of all, it will drive traffic to your blog

13. Build your email list

Do you know that email list is the best way to connect with your customers or blog readers? Everyday, people check their email twice or thrice or more, if you are able to get your readers email addresses, each time you publish a post, they will check it out if you use an email list.

How many times have you checked your email today? If you are checking your emails frequently, then you should already see the importance of building an email list, it is a great way to drive traffic to your blog immediately after publishing a blog post.

You can also use your email list to make huge money when you promote affiliate products or your own product to your readers,

Building email list is simple, you can use tools like mailchimp to start building your email list, you'll create an email capture page and add it to your blog

Whenever readers come across your email capture page, they can drop their email either to receive something of value from you, and when they do, mailchimp or the email list builder you use will register their email address in your email list.

And whenever you want to share something with them, you can easily do so because you now have their emails, start building your email list today and you’ll see the results for yourself.

14. Write about trending topics

Trending topics will help drive traffic to your blog too, if a topic is trending and you write about it, a lot of people will be able to find your contents, and when they do, you'll end up having a flood of traffic coming to your blog,

You just need to pick a nice headline that will trigger clicks and you are good to go, to find trending topics, you can use a free tool called Google trends to view what people are currently searching for, when you find a handful of the trending topics

You can then move on to create contents about that topic, if you are able to rank on search engines, it is a blessing, but one good thing about trending topic is 

They are also trending on social media, so even if you are unable to rank on search engines for the trending topic, you can use social media to promote your contents

And you know social medias are good when it comes to sharing, if you create a quality and helpful contents, you'll end up having ton of shares on social media

You should also take advantage of all the active social medias, you can share on Reddit, Facebook, Pinterest, Twittter, you name them, take advantage of them all and you will surely see increase in traffic.

15. Write on high search volume keywords

Keywords with high search volume are what almost every blogger are going after, because it drives huge organic traffic to any blog, it only requires On page optimization which will enable your blog posts to rank high on search engine for high search volume keywords.

When your blog post rank high for a keyword that have high search volume, whenever people search for the keyword, your blog post will show up and they will end up clicking through to your blog,

Take a look at “how to make stirfry” it has a search volume of 20,600 according to kwfinder, now if you are able create a blog post on how to make stir fry, if your blog post rank number one for this keyword, you can be driving that amount of traffic to your blog on a monthly basis.

That is why writing on high search volume keyword is what almost every blogger is doing, you need to learn how to optimize your blog posts to rank for keyword that have high search volume.

First you need to do keyword research, keyword research is when you analyze keywords to know their monthly search volume and how difficult it is going to be for you to rank for that keyword.

After doing your keyword research using keyword research tools, you can then move on to create contents on those keywords and start driving huge traffic to your blog from organic searches.

16. Use Youtube to drive traffic to your blog

Earlier I talked about using Youtube videos to drive traffic to your blog, this other method is when you use your Youtube channel page to drive traffic to your blog.

If you own a youtube channel, you can easily include a link to your blog homepage or a landing page, all you need to do is to add the link to the page you want to drive traffic to in the channel edit page, the link will be visible on the bottom right side of your channel banner.

Whenever people visit your youtube channel, they will see the link to your blog, and even when they open the description of your channel, they will see a link to your blog also, so if you are publishing videos on youtube or you have youtube channel with a lot of engagement, start driving traffic to your blog by including a link back to your blog.

17. Publish evergreen contents

Evergreen contents are the contents that will always be useful, even in the future, a blog post like this one you are reading is an evergreen content, because even if someone come across it in the future, they will find it useful.

What is talked about in this post is something that can be used over and over again even in the next decades, this kind of contents never dies, and if they are useful.

They will keep driving traffic to your blog on a regular basis, to create evergreen content, you should write on how to topics, tutorials, list posts and so on, when creating evergreen contents always put your readers in mind.

Make sure they enjoy each and everything you write and encourage them to share it with others and it will live forever.

18. Create inforgraphichs for your blog posts

Using inforgraphic will not only increase your blog traffic but will also attract links, shares and mentions, people love visuals a lot, because pictures speaks a thousand words in a single look, 

Pictures are also easily digestible than paragraphs, looking at a picture of a T shirt in a second you will know the color, its position, the design and everything, but if you are to read it on a paper, or screen it will take more time, let me give you a few example.

Take a look at the below picture, now looking at this picture, you know that what you are seeing is a soccer ball with black and white pentagons, and the ball is on the soccer field, and a lot of other things that would have taken more time for you to read and understand.

So inside of your blog posts, you can create an inforgraphic, like you are seeing all over this post, inforgraphics are everywhere and they help me pass long message to my readers for a better understanding.

You can also create inforgraphics independently, they attract shares and links and they are loved by the consumers, you can create your inforgraphics using canva or any graphic design tool, but whatever it is, you should start using inforgraphics on your blog, because they attract traffic to your blog.

19. Publish in depth blog posts

In depth posts are posts that covers their topic completely, if you are writing a blog post on how to make a coffee, you have to make sure that you break that post into simpler parts and also make sure that whenever someone come across it, they will be able to make coffee completely without the need to find further information in other places.

People love in depth blog posts because they save lot of time and they are very helpful, to create in depth post, you need to note down all the important things the readers should know

Publish in depth blog posts to increase traffic

And when creating the blog posts, cover all the important points to the simplest form so that even if a child reads it, they will understand everything, write as if you are writing for a child to read.

20. Focus on your niche

Focus on your niche

Focus on your niche and you will be able to drive huge traffic to your blog, if your blog is not focused on a niche, it shouldn't have readers anyway, if your blog is about sports, people interested in sports will visit the blog regularly, if your blog is about cooking

People who love to cook will frequently visit your blog, but if your blog have no niche, no one should even visit it because even if they do, they wont get professional help from it.

Just look for a niche and target it, it is worth more than trying to be everywhere at the same time, this will surely help you drive more targeted traffic to your blog.

21. Make your blog posts easy to read

The best way to chase your readers away is by creating a large block of letters like the one you are seeing below, it is scary and complicated, 

Nicely written blog post vs poorly written blog post

When creating your blog posts, break it into headings, break those headings into short paragraphs and paragraphs into words, and also try to include pictures to give your blog post a nice look.

This is just a way to increase the chances of your readers getting engaged on your blog posts, but if your readers are engaged and loving your blog posts, they will easily share it and like to come back next time for more contents.

Final thoughts on ways to get visitors to your blog

I hope you get value out of todays guide, and if you did, please share it with others, if you have any other way of increasing traffic to a blog or any questions, please bring it on and I will be more than happy to reply to your comments.

Until next time, I wish you all the best and really hope to see you next time again.

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