How to Work on Fiverr as a Freelancer and Make Money

How to Work on Fiverr as a Freelancer and Make Money

how to work on fiverr

Below I will show you how to work on fiverr and also how to make money on fiverr, if this sounds like something you would like to learn, then stop whatever it is that you are doing and read through to the end, carefully

Fiverr is a great place for people like you and I to make money simply by selling their skills, if you know how to do graphic design, you can work on fiverr, if you know how to edit videos you can work on fiverr

If you know how to create websites you can make money from fiverr, in fact, whatever skill it is that you have, you can use it to make money on fiverr so make sure you read carefully, 

If you are new to freelancing, you should read my detailed guide on how to start freelancing for beginners step by step by following the link.

So without wasting your time, lets get started with todays guide.

For full Freelancing guide, read my article how to start Freelancing for beginners

Table of contents:

Is fiverr good for beginners?

Choose a freelance skill

The best freelance skills that make money on fiverr

Create a profile on fiverr

How to create a profile on fiverr

Create fiverr gigs

How to create a gig on fiverr

Start working on fiverr

How to make money on fiverr

Can you make good money on fiverr

Is fiverr good for beginners?

is fiverr good for beginners

Fiverr is a great platform for beginners and professional freelancers, anyone with a skill can sign up for fiverr and start using it to create gigs and start making money as freelancer, it is available in 160 countries, and it is also beginner friendly so anyone can use it with ease.

As a beginner in freelancing, I think it will be good if you start off with fiverr, my first freelance profile was created on fiverr, although I don’t regularly use the platform, but since I have a few experience with it, I can say it with my chest that fiverr can be a great choice for any beginner freelancer that is looking to make money online.

How to work on fiverr as a freelancer and make money

1. Choose a freelance skill

To make money on fiverr, you need at least one thing, and that thing is a skill, even if you don’t have any skill, you can acquire one or two through searching online, when I am talking about skill I don’t mean technical skills like

Car maintenance or anything like rocket science, the skill can be anything from taking pictures to programming, so you see, all these skills are something you can take 2 to 6 learning and then start working on fiverr.

There are a lot of skills you can use to making money on fiverr, but out of all the skills, some have more earning potential than others, the best freelance skills that you can learn and get a lot of jobs using fiverr are listed below

The best freelance skills that make money on fiverr

1. Programming/Software development

2. Web design/Development

3. Freelance writing

4. Graphic design

5. Copywriting

6. Video editing

7. Search Engine Optimization

8. Photography

9. Voice over

10. Animation

You can choose from any of these skills and move on to the next step. But if you already have a skill that you can make money from, just skip the learning a new skill part and continue. for more freelance skills overview, click here to see them

2. Create a profile on fiverr

how to create a profile on fiverr

You actually need a freelancer profile on fiverr to actually make money at fiverr, your fiverr profile will stand as your workshop where clients can come and hire you to work for them, so when it comes to creating a profile on fiverr, you need to pay a lot of attention to how you go about it

Because how you set up your profile on fiverr will make or break your success on fiverr, so you might need to learn the step by step process of setting up your fiverr profile.

How to create a fiverr profile

1. Go to

2. Click join to get started

3. Enter your email address and proceed

4. Enter a new username

5. Type your password and continue

6. Activate your fiverr account through your email

The above steps are the basic process of creating a fiverr profile, even if you haven’t been on the website before, following the above steps, you can create your own profile on fiverr.

3. Create fiverr gigs

how to create fiverr gigs

After creating your profile on fiverr, it is time to start creating what will actually help you make money on fiverr, and that thing is a gig, a fiverr gig is like a job request, it is like when you make a notice for people to know your skill and know that you are ready to be hired.

A gig is something like the one you are seeing below, if you take your time and create good fiverr gigs that are eye catching and compelling, you will make a lot of money on fiverr.

You should also note that, many people have joined fiverr and created many gigs but actually cant make make any money from it, this means they have done something wrongly.

You don’t want that to happen to you, so after creating your fiverr profile, take your time to also spend some time on creating your fiverr gig.

Below are a few steps to creating a gig on fiverr

How to create a gig on fiverr

1. Go to and log in

2. Click on selling

3. Select gigs from the dropdown

4. Select create new gig to continue

5. Enter your gig’s information

6. Set a price for your gig

7. Write your gig’s description and FAQ

8. Write your gig’s requirements

9. Add videos and photos to your gig

10. Click publish

If you follow the above steps correctly, you are going to have your first fiverr gig live and ready to start working on fiverr, although you need to be very careful when creating your gig, like I said earlier, how you create your gig can make or break your success on fiverr

If you want to make money on fiverr, you should spend a lot of time working on your account and gigs.

4. Start working on fiverr

start working on fiverr

After having all the above things all set up, its time to start making money on fiverr, but make sure you follow all the above steps carefully

If you follow all the above steps thoroughly, this step will be the best of them all, because, this is where you really start reaping from your hard work

But most people will be sad at this part if they skip pass all the above steps, the thing is, you really need to do everything carefully before expecting to get paid.

Most people have already created profiles and gigs on fiverr but are still not making any money from it, and the reason is lack of consistency and strategy, but below, I will share with you some few steps you can follow to make money on fiverr.

How to make money on fiverr

1. Promote your gigs

After creating your fiverr gig(s) promote them on social medias, promote your fiverr gigs on your facebook timeline and in groups if applicable, but if you abandon your gigs and expect to start getting orders miraculously it may never work

2. Create a portfolio

A portfolio is a powerful way to find more clients to your fiverr gigs, a portfolio can be your blog or your website, your portfolio is simply where you showcase your work to encourage clients to hire you

One thing with clients is, they cant just hire a strangers, so they are always in search for a professional, and if you have a portfolio, once they land on it, they will get to know who you are, what you do, how you do business and they will also see how good you are in your area of expertise.

3. Be active on social media

Social media is active with over 4.2 billion people as of 2021, that’s more than half of the world’s population, you know what this means, this means that your potential customers are actively using social media

If you become active on social media, you will stand a great chance to get noticed by them and also increase your chance of getting work on fiverr, because, if you are active, they can easily find you on fiverr and once this happen, they will be compelled

4. Be active on forums

Forums on the other hand are also packed with lots of people, people that are looking for great services, forums like reddit, quora, warriorforum and so on are packed with lots of people, so if you are actively using these forums, you may end up getting loads of clients to your fiverr gigs and then make money when they hire you.

Can you make good money on fiverr?

You can make good money on fiverr if you create a good profile, compelling gigs and also promote your gigs frequently, beginner freelancers are making $100 to $500 a month on fiverr, intermediate freelancers are making $500 to $1000 and professional freelancers are making over $1000 monthly on fiverr, so yes, you can make good money on fiverr.


That’s all you need to know on how to work on fiverr, if you follow all the professional steps I gave above, you can start working on fiverr and making good money on fiverr

It is a really great place for anyone with a skill to start making money from, including you, so what are you waiting for, follow the steps mentioned in this post and let me know how it went with you

If you have any questions concerning this, please leave it in the comment section, also share this post with others so as to help them know the steps on how to work on fiverr.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and I hope to see you next time.

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