How to Start a Blog as a Beginner

How to Start a Blog as a Complete Beginner Step by Step

In this post, I am going to show you all the process you can follow to start a blog as a beginner, even if you haven’t heard of blogging before, after reading this post, you will be able to start your own blog without any problem

I am going to make the whole process a lot easier to the point that even a kid can follow, so if you have read other posts about starting a blog and they didn’t work out for you

You can spend some few minutes here and see how different this one is going to be

Blogging is a very popular term both on the internet and off the internet, according to Websitesetpup, there are about 570 million number of blogs worldwide in 2021 according to reports given by all the popular blogging platforms, and the number is growing everyday as many blogs are created each day

Blogging can be a great marketing tool, it can be a great way to make money online and it can be a great way of publicizing your contents to the whole world

Anyway, lets skip the fluff and dive right into todays guide which is how to start a blog as a beginner.

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What is a blog?

A blog is an online based platform that contents are created on regularly for people to consume, this contents can be anything from news to technical science topics, a blogger is the owner of a blog, this person can be anyone from an old lady who loves to knit to a kid who loves playing video games

Whatever passion you have, you can also own a blog, it will enable you to be able to speak your voice to the world, because when you create a blog, it can be accessible from anywhere around the world, unless if you choose to keep it private

A blog can also be used as a business tool to help market your business to a large amount of people all around the globe, and you can also make money from the blog in which you created simply by placing ads on your blog, selling your own products, promoting affiliate links on your blog and so on, we will talk about this later in this post.

A blog can also be an online based journal where you upload your personal things like pictures, videos and texts.

How do bloggers make money?

how do bloggers make money

Bloggers can make money from their blog through different ways, it all depends on what the blogger uses his blog to do, if your blog is accessible by football enthusiasts, you can monetize it using the things that these set of people usually spend money on in real life

There are different ways in which one can monetize their blog, below I am going to show you all of them with a few description of how they work

1. Displaying ads

If you own a blog, you can sign up for google adsense or any other ad netword, and after signing up for these ad networks, they will advertise businesses on your blog and pay you on a monthly basis, the pay can be on a monthly, weekly or yearly basis depending on the ad network you sign up for

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2. Selling your own products

If many people are visiting your blog, you can create a product such as a paid course or ebook or anything, set a price for it and then sell it to your blog readers, as long as there is people coming to read your blog everyday, you can monetize those traffic and make money simply when any of them buys that product from your blog

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote other business’s products on your blog and make money each time your blog readers buy that product, this is if you don’t have a product yourself to sell to your readers, you can use affiliate marketing and make money each time someone buy through your affiliate link

4. Selling ad space

Another great way of monetizing your blog is simply by selling ad space, this is when you provide a small area on your blog where business owners can put their business banner on and then pay you for allowing them to do so.

5. Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts is the type of post that people pay to publish on your blog, if someone have a business, service or product they want to promote, they can write a sales copy and pay you to publish it on your blog.

How to start blogging for beginners

Now that you have the full idea what a blog is and its functions, if you would like to start a blog, read through the below steps and you will know everything from start to finish

1. Choose an unpopular topic to cover on your blog

blogging topics

Before you start a blog, it is advisable that you choose a very obscure topic to cover on your blog, now you will be asking yourself, why choose a topic that is less popular?

Here is the reason in short, if you want your blog to rank on google and get many visitors coming to your blog on a monthly basis, you need to produce obscure blog posts

Because a popular term will always be covered on bigger and popular blogs, and if you decide to produce the same contents that have been created by other already established blogs, yours wont be able to rank on google and fetch traffic to your blog

The more the people write a blog post about a particular topic, the more difficult it will be for you to rank for that topic and get traffic to your blog.

Topics like news cooking, football, science are already covered by many blogs, so if you choose the same topic, it will take you forever to rank and start seeing any traffic coming to your blog.

But if you choose a more unpopular topic, since not many people have created blog posts on them, when you create yours, you will be able to rank faster and start seeing significant visitors coming to your blog within a short period.

2. Create your blog

After choosing your obscure topic, a topic that you know that no one or not so many people are blogging about, you can then move on to create your blog

Now when I say create your blog, it may seem like a more difficult thing to do, but let me burst the bubble, creating your blog is as easy as clicking buttons on the internet

It is very easy and very fast to do, even a 10 year old can create a blog.

There are many blogging platforms that you can use to create your blog, these blogging platforms are called CMS, but in this guide, we will be focusing on the most popular ones that will be very easy for you to set up your own blog within minutes.

These 2 best CMS are called wordpress and blogger, blogger is the most popular CMS that most people use to create their blog, after Wordpress, blogger comes second, both of these CMS are great and I will show you a step by step process that you can follow to create your own blog.

Creating your blog with wordpress

Creating your blog on wordpress is very easy and anyone can do it, you only need to purchase hosting and install wordpress on your blog, and all these can be done in less than 20 minutes

1. Purchase hosting

If you are using wordpress to create your blog, you need to purchase hosting, a hosting is like where all your files will be stored when you upload them on your blog

Because blogging is based on cloud storage, you need to pay for the space you use for uploading your files to, the type of files I am talking about contains images, videos, sounds and texts, after purchasing this host, you can then start building your blog

The best place I will recommend for you to purchase hosting is Bluehost, you know why, because they are very cheap to use, and they also will give you a free domain to use on your blog

Now you may be asking, what the hell is a domain? Right, a domain is the address of your blog, without this address, your blog wont be existing, because, it is like your house address

When someone wants to visit your house, without an address that person cannot visit your house, that’s how it is with blogging, take for example, without the domain name which is, you wont be able to visit this blog

So if you choose bluehost, they will give you this very important domain name for free for a whole year, but if you choose to purchase hosting from many other hosting providers, you will have to buy a domain name again, which I don’t recommend because you are just starting out and you shouldn’t be spending too much

Domain name costs anywhere from $8/monthly to about $100/monthly, so choose bluehost to start with.

To start with bluehost, just go here and click on get started, then select the basic plan which is %2.95/month which is of course very affordable

bluehost for hosting wordpress site

Then choose the 36 months plan to get started, then you will enter a domain name you like, this can be from your name to a brandable name you came up with, but theres one thing

bluehost hosting plans

Each blog have unique domain, this is to avoid confusing ones blog for someone eles’s, so if the domain  name you choose has been taken by another person, you will have to try another until you get a unique one after entering a domain name, click next

choosing a domain name for wordpress blog

After that, you will see a message telling you that the domain name is available, then you will have to enter your personal information to continue to the next steps, information such as your name, your country, phone number, postal code and so on

purchasing a domain

Then you will have to choose from their payment methods, you can pay with your bank card or through your paypal account, after payment, you are set

2. Installing wordpress

Since you are done with all the recent processes, you can now install wordpress on your blog, the reason you need to install wordpress on your blog is because, with wordpress, you can design your blog and give it a nice look

installing wordpress

To install wordpress on your blog with bluehost is very easy, just open your bluehost account and locate the cpanel then find the MOJO marketplace and select “One click installs” after clicking on this option, select wordpress


After clicking on wordpress, click install to start the installation, then you will have to choose the domain in which you want to install wordpress on, in this case, you should choose the domain name you entered earlier

blog hosted with bluehost

If you follow the above steps, you now have your blog, the next and most important thing that you must do is to use wordpress to customize your blog to give it a nice look.

3. Customizing your blog

Now is time to give your blog a nice look, you will choose a theme for your blog and also if you want to add a logo to your blog (which is recommended) you can do so when you log into your wordpress dashboard

To open your wordpress dashboard, just open a new tab with your browser and type yourdomainname.wp-admin, then you will log in with your details which you set up when installing wordpress.

wordpress login

Now that you are logged into your wordpress blog, to give it a nice look, just go to theme and select from the free available themes, but if you want a more elegant and beautiful looking theme, you can purchase one from elegant themes.

After choosing your theme, if you have a logo, already, you can tap on the blog name and upload a logo from your computer, but if you are looking for ways to get a quality logo for your blog and youre not good at logo design, you can get one from fiverr or upwork starting from $5

Creating your blog with blogger

Blogger is the second best CMS, it is very easy to use and owned by Google, with blogger, you don’t need hosting because, Google have made hosting free using their CMS, the only thing you need to create a professional looking blog on blogger is a domain name and a premium theme, let me show you how to create a blog with blogger in less than 20 minutes

1. Set up your blog

Setting up your blog with blog includes just a few simple steps, just open a new tab on your computer and type and the website will open, when the website finally opens

creating a blog with blogger

Select create your blog to get started, then you will have to sign in using your Gmail account, you need to own a gmail account to be able to build a blog on blogger, because the blogging platform is owned by Google

And you know all Google tools are accessible using Goolge’s gmail, so sign in using your gmail, after that, you will be asked to choose a domain name, write any name of your choice, if somebody have already taken the domain name you choose, you will see a message that say so

But you should choose something very obscure because we will change it later, if you look closely, you will notice that there is a added to the end of the domain name you typed in

sign into blogger

This is so because, Google is offering you the domain for free, and that is the main reason why you need to buy your own custom domain name, because if you don’t, will be added to your domain name, which is highly not recommended for a professional blog

So to fasten the process, you can add numbers to whatever you write into the space, after typing an available domain, click next and choose from the free themes they provide, after choosing a free theme, your blog is now ready.

Now you will be taken to the dashboard, with this dashboard, you will be able to control your blog design and the things that you publish on the blog, to view your on the left screen scroll down to the bottom and click on view your blog,

blogger dashboard

Now, looking at your blog, you will notice that, it looks very basic and unprofessional, now is time to give it a professional look.

2. Purchase domain name

You must purchase a domain to make your blog looks professional, and you can purchase a domain name from namecheap which I will recommend, so go to namecheap now and create an account for free, after creating your account, all you need is to confirm the email you used to create the account and you are good to go.

domain name

After creating your free account on namecheap, go to and sign in using your user name and password, you will see an empty editable space provided on the website, you should enter a domain name of your choice, this can be anything from your name to something brandable.

After entering the name, click search and if the domain haven’t been taken by anyone, you will see a check mark and then the price, which can range from $8.88/year to about $80/year

buying domain name

Now, you will see a lot of different extensions such as .com, .net, .co and so on, the best one is .com or .net, so choose one of these and proceed to checkout, pay for the domain name and you are good to go.

3. Purchase a theme

To give your blog a professional and very beautiful look, you need to purchase premium theme, when you buy a premium theme, you will have the full righs to use it any how you want to, you can also resell it to others and make profits, because you have the right to it.

Go to Gooyabi templates and click on responsive templates, after clicking on responsive templates, you will be taken to a marketplace of themes, scroll down and look around for the theme that suit you most and click on it

blogging themes for blogspot

After clicking on your preferred theme, click on the “Buy” button, you’ll be taken to an order page, when you arrive on this order page, you need to enter your email address where you will receive the theme after purchasing 

buying theme for blogging

And then you can enter your bank card details, after than, click on “pay” to pay for the theme, after that, you will be charged and your theme will arrive in less than 5 minutes, then you can move on to apply the theme to your blog.

4. Customize your blog

Now that you have your blog ready its time to apply the theme and domain name to your blog, now lets start with the theme, go to your email and download the theme you bought to your computer, you will notice that it is a zip file

Right click on it and click extract files, this will unzip the file, after this, you will see and xml file, that is the theme that you are going to be using as your theme, now go to your blogger dashboard and click on theme, after clicking on theme, click on the dropdown arrow and select restore

applying blogger theme

When you click restore, you will be taken to your computer, now locate where the theme is available and select the xml file, this will load the page and after loading, you have now apply the theme to your blog

Now you need to remove the default theme and replace it with your own logo, just open your blog dashboard and select “Layout” and select header logo, then delete the current logo and upload a logo from your computer

If you don’t already have a logo, you can get it from fiver or upwork starting from $5. Now that you have applied a beautiful looking theme, you can then move on to attach your domain to your blog.

Go to your blogger dashboard and locate the settings option, then scroll down to publishing section and click on custom domain, when it opens, 

custom domain in blogger

enter “”  and click save, you will see an error message in red followed by some few texts, leave it there and go to your namecheap account and click on your dashboard, you will see your domain name, click “manage”

namecheap domain

Then click on “Advanced DNS” you will see two A records and one CNAME record, replace “” the that you saw on blogger when trying to link your domain name, after that, click on the add new record and choose CNAME option

And in the first empty space, copy and paste the second code you were given by blogger, and in the next empty space, copy and paste the longest code given to you by blogger, then refresh the namecheap page.

After that, go back to blogger, wait for about 4 minutes and save again, this time, you wont see any error it, will be saved successfully.

Now you have applied your professional domain to your blogger blog, but there is one more thing you must do, because currently, if you open your blog, you will see a sign telling you that the blog is not safe, this is because the blog is now viewed over non Https protocol, don’t worry, we will solve that problem in less than 2 minutes.

Go back to your namecheap dashboard and click on ”Manage” next to your domain, and click on “Manage DNS” then you are going to delete the first two records which was there before applying the first two codes given to you by blogger.

You should delete them by clicking on the bin bucket next to them, but make sure you don’t delete the ones you added earlier.

Click on the red “Add records” link, and choose the “A records” on the first empty place, enter “@” and on the second empty space, enter “” 

Add another A record and do the same thing, but when it is time to enter the numbers this time enter “” 

Add another A record and do the same but this time you will enter this numbers “” after entering this third one, you will enter the last one and this time, enter this code instead “”

After doing all these, refresh the page and wait a while then go back to your blogger dashboard and enter the settings option, locate the publishing section and enable HTTPS setting, refresh the page after this and you are done, view your blog now and see how it looks professional with a beautiful theme and your custom domain name, now you have your blog.

3. Find low competition keywords to cover on your blog

Now that you are done creating your blog, it is time to start publishing blog posts on it, a blog post is like this one you are reading, remember when I tell you to choose an obscure topic, now is time to start writing blog posts about that obscure topic

So you need to do keyword research, keyword research is the process is looking for keywords that people are searching on google

You cant just write whatever that comes to your mind, you need to write what people are constantly looking for to read, and you also need to write something that almost nobody have written before, and to find what people are searching for and to know if people have written it already, you need to do keyword research

To do keyword research you can choose from many keyword research tools from free ones to paid ones, if you want to use the free ones, you can start with google keyword planner, with google keyword planner

All you need is to type in a general keyword and click search, for example, if your selected blogging topic is baskketball, you can type in basketball into the search space and click search, this will return a tone of keywords that people are searching for on google

keyword research in blogging

If many people have already written about that keyword, keyword planner will indicate that the keyword is hard, and if only a few people or no one have written about that keyword, keyword planner will indicate that it is easy or medium

But take note, the easier the better, now you can write down a lot of these keywords and save them on your computer.

Note: if you want to get access to a lot of free low competition keywords you can use more advanced keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Kwfinder and so on, they are the best and you wont regret paying for them.

4. Publish your first blog post

Now, when publishing your first blog post theres no need to be hard on yourself, don’t complicate things, you can easily just make your first blog post a welcome post, you can write a few things to let people you and why started the blog, add a picture of yourself and you are done.

Later you will begin to post professional things on the blog, but this first post doesn’t have to be complicated or professional.

5. Publish blog posts on a regular basis

To succeed in blogging, you need to be consistently working, I am talking about constantly publishing new blog posts, since your blog is new and empty, you need a lot of contents to make the blog look serious and interesting for readers to come and read it

To do this, you should be constantly writing and publishing on the blog, 3 posts a week is good for a start, but if you can publish up to 5 you should give it a go, but there’s one thing though, whatever you create on your blog

It needs to be really unique and very helpful, and let me not forget to mention that your blog posts needs to be optimized for the search engines so that when people are searching on the internet, they can find the one you publish

You need a little or vast knowledge in SEO content creation to be able to write a content that is finable on the search engines, lets say you are writing a blog post about how to build a house, in order for people searching for how to build a house to find your blog post

You need to optimize it for search engines, so that, the search engine robots can identify it and then provide it for the searchers to see when they search for it.

SEO is a totally different topic, you can read this article to get yourself to be familiar with the term and how to go about it.

6. Promote your blog

Promoting your blog will put your blog in front of the first people that you visit your blog, but don’t just start promoting your blog from the first day, you need to give people a good reason to visit your blog,

If your blog is empty and you are promoting your blog, you are not giving anyone a reason to visit it, but if you publish a quality and interesting and readable information on your blog, when you promote it, people will love it because there is something of value on it

So before you start promoting your blog, make sure there already some interesting contents on it, and to promote your blog, you should create social media pages that represents your blog, because social media like facebook and twitter have billions of users

how to promote blog on social media

And if you create a page for your blog on all these social medias, your blog will start getting some impressions

Another reason for promoting your blog on social media is that, after creating your blog, people will not find it when searching on search engines like Google, it will probably take up to 4 to 6 months for your blog posts to start getting traction from search engines

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Blogging mistakes you must avoid

Copying contents from other blogs

In blogging, creating constant contents is a big problem so most beginner bloggers often copy contents from other blog and then publish it on their blog, if you do this, you will seriously harm your blog as Google will never rank it

And in most cases, if you get caught, you may put yourself in serious problem, so before you start, bare in mind, that you will be the one to create your own blog posts, it must not be copied from anywhere else, avoid this with all cost

Spamming social media to get blog visitors

Getting traffic to your blog is one of the best things all the bloggers are craving for, however, to get traffic to your blog is also a serious thing to, because it is not easy, no matter how you want to get traffic to your blog

Whether from search engines or from other websites, you need to have great contents on your blog in order to attract visitors to your blog, and if you decide to spam social media in order to get traffic to your blog, it will only hurt your blog because no one likes spammers

If you decide to spam social media to get traffic to your blog, most social media will block your blog’s domain from appearing on the platform which is not good at all

So to succeed, you must not spam social media to get traffic to your blog.

Expecting quick results

Expecting quick results in blogging will only lead you to quitting, most people are impatient, they expect the whole thing to work really fast, but blogging doesn’t work like that, you need to be constantly working on your blog producing contents regularly in order to see any results

And on average, a newly created blog will take around 4 to 7 months for it to start getting any traction, and this also means that the blogger is constantly working and publishing not just contents but quality and unique contents to achieve this in these months

So you see, blogging is not a thing for impatient people, so bare this in mind before even starting a blog, know to yourself that you are starting a thing that will take some time to succeed.

Black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is what bloggers do to receive quick results and then later get banned by Google and other search engines, just take black hat SEO as deceiving the search engines to give you what you want faster than usual, black hat will give quick results to your blog, but in few months or even weeks, you will get caught by these search engines and all your efforts will be in vain, which means you will lose everything

So as a beginner, take your time, work strategically and be honest, all of the successful bloggers you know didn’t make it through black hat SEO but with hard work and patience, and there is no other way around this.

Final thoughts on how to start a blog as a beginner

So my friend, there you have it, if you’ve been looking for a detailed guide on how to start blogging, I am sure this guide will be very useful to you, if you follow all the process I provided on this page, with patience and consistency, you will be shocked with the massive results you will get.

Now it is over to you, tell me, what did I miss to clarify and I will surely provide time to add it to this post, so if you have any further concerning blogging, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below

And if you happen to get value out of this post, there is one thing you can do to show appreciation, just click the share button to share this post with others on social media, be it twitter, facebook or any social media at all

If you do this, more people will get the same value out of this and I will also benefit from it, so thank you for stopping by and reading to this point, I hope to see you around and I wish you all the best.

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