How to Start a News Blog in Nigeria: Step by Step guide

How to Start a News Blog in Nigeria: Step by Step guide

How to start a news blog in nigeria

Hello and welcome to agyojames, in today’s guide, you are going to learn how to start a news blog in Nigeria, so to all my Nigerian brothers and friends who have passion to start their own news blog in Nigeria and make money, this is for you.

I am going to make all the process simple and clear for you to understand, so even if you have no idea what a blog is, after reading this guide, you are going learn everything.

But just before I start, there are some important things you must know, I wont hide anything from you, I will tell you everything that some people may not tell you

Blogging is not a get rich quick kind of thing

Starting a blog for the sole purpose of making money is not a crime, in fact, I have created multiple blogs for the same reasons

But let me tell you the truth, blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time, if you are looking for quick way to make money online, then blogging is not for you

You can try affiliate marketing, freelancing, ecommerce etc, because they pay more faster than blogging. 

The truth is, if you are starting a new blog today, it can take up to 3 months before search engines will start to rank it

And if your contents are not ranking, you will hardly get readers to your blog, you also need SEO (search engine optimization) skill to be able to write a blog post or news post that will rank on google and fetch traffic to your blog

Patience and consistency is key to success in blogging

As you might have heard it several times, “the patient dog eats the fattest bone” without patience, you wont succeed in blogging

Most people when they start, they expect quick results, you can’t get a quick result from blogging, you need to relax and work strategically over the months before expecting to see improvements and ROI 

Like I said earlier, for your blog to rank and start getting any organic traffic from the search engines, you need to have worked for 3 or more months.

So keep this at the back of your mind, patience and consistency is key to success in blogging.

Not everybody that starts a blog end up making money from it

Let me tell you the sad truth, most people who start blogging end up along the line, some people even make good investments and dedications, but yet they cant keep up

I am not saying this to discourage you, I am telling you this so you will know where you are going, you need to be really determined in order to succeed.

When I started blogging, I didn’t start alone, 3 of my friends decided to try it out, but right now, I am the only one who is blogging.

How much do you need to start a blog in Nigeria?

If you are looking to start a professional blog, you need to buy a theme, domain name and or hosting, there are two ways you can create your blog

You can either use Wordpress or Blogger, wordpress is the best way to build your blog, but if you are on a budget, you can go with blogger

When you create your blog with wordpress, you will have access to pluggings (pluggins are like apps that you can use to make your blogging easy)

But blogger is a free blogging platform and it have no pluggings, which means, you will have to do everything manually.

If you choose to blog with wordpress, you will be paying for hosting, domain, theme, and or plugging, but if you choose to blog with blogger, you will only pay for domain name and or theme.

I am going to show you how to create your blog in a few minutes from now

How do bloggers get paid in Nigeria?

Bloggers in Nigeria are getting paid handsomely, although some Nigerian bloggers are still yet to start making any money from their blog

And some others are too lazy to work and therefore are not making good money from their blog, whether you will make good money from your blog or not depends on your effort and expertise.

There are different ways bloggers are getting paid in Nigeria, bloggers can get paid through Ads, Sponsored posts, Selling ad space on their blog, selling their own courses or products, offering services as freelancers or by doing affiliate marketing

How to start a news blog in Nigeria

1.Create  your blog

To start setting up your blog, like I said earlier, there are two ways you can build your blog, either on wordpress or on blogger, below I am going to show you how to go about creating your blog with either of this CMS

Creating your blog with wordpress

Wordpress is the best tool that you can use to design your blog, over 35% of all the websites in the world are built using wordpress, and you too can start using wordpress to build your news blog.

To create your blog on wordpress, you need a hosting account a hosting account is like where all your blog posts and all your blog files will be saved for people to view across the web, after knowing this, its time for you to start creating your wordpress blog

Go to bluehost and get a hosting account, blue host is the cheapest and mostly used hosting, you can get your hosting account on blue host for $2.75 a month or N1350 a month

Another great reason why you should  choose blue host is, they will offer you a free domain name for the first year, remember that a domain name costs around $10 or N4150, this means if you choose to host your blog with blue host, you wont have to spend that amount of money anymore.

Blue host will also give you a free custom email which looks like this >>, and it also makes wordpress installation a lot easier.

After getting your hosting account it is time to start building your blog on wordpress, it is very easy to don’t worry

In your blue host account, go to cpanel>> MOJO marketplace>> One click installs>> wordpress, if you select the wordpress icon, click on install to continue

Choose the domain you want to build your wordpress blog on, accept the terms and conditions and continue, after following the above steps, you have successfully installed wordpress

Next is to log into your blog and start designing it to look great, just go to and enter your user name and password and click log in.

After you are logged in, you can start playing around with your blog outlook to customize it to your taste, you can choose a theme, upload your news blog logo and so on.

Creating your blog with blogger

Go to and sign in using your gmail account, click on create your blog, give your blog a name, remember that you will change it to the domain name you bought earlier, so it can be anything, after selecting a name, write a URL for your blog for example, after that, click continue, choose a theme and that’s it, you now have your blogger blog set up, now lets move on to link the domain name to your blog

Go to settings in blogger and locate settings, under publishing section, click on custom domain, then enter the domain name you bought earlier including the “www” then click on continue, you will receive some codes that you will use to link your blogger blog to the domain name you bought

Go to the place you buy your domain name, select the domain you want to use and follow the simple steps to link it to your blogger blog, after following this step, you now have your blog.

Then you can buy a theme for your blog and use it on your blog, if you don’t buy a theme for your blog, your blog will look basic, a theme may cost anywhere from $10 to $50

 2. Start writing on your blog

After having your blog all set up, you can start writing on your news blog, when writing a news blog post, make sure you don’t copy the text from another website and paste it in your website, if you do this, your blog will get penalized

Here is how to write your own news, read a news from any trusted news website like BBC, CNN etc, after reading and understanding the news, you can then write it by yourself on your blog

When you do this, your blog will stay fresh and it will not get penalized, also when using images on your blog, make sure you don’t just download it from websites and reuse it on your own blog, doing this will also cause your blog to be penalized

So you can download the image, edit it before using it on your blog, it may take more time but that’s the only way around it.

3. Create social media pages for your news blog

After creating your news blog, nobody know about it, so you need to let people know that your blog exists so that you can start getting some visitors coming to your blog

Create social media pages for your blog where you will be constantly sharing your news on, for example facebook page and twitter page are a great way for your news blog to start getting visitors from, so take advantage of them.

Make sure you upload new contents everyday and you also share it on your social media pages, do this until you start getting followers for your news blog.


So that’s it guys, if you’ve been looking for a detailed guide on how you can start a news blog in Nigeria, there you have it, have fun with it.

And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below, and if you love this article, kindly share it with others so that other people can also learn from it.

Thanks for stopping by

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