How to Get Google Adsense Approval Fast with a Blogger Blog(100% working)

Exact process I followed to get AdSense approval on my blogger blogs

Adsense approval with a blogger blog

Hey! are you still looking for the best guide to get adsense approval fast with a blogger blog?

then you're welcome to read everything on this page from start to finish, trust me, I'm not going to waste your time here

As some of you already know me on my social media profiles, I don't like speaking of something I have no experience on,

Check the image below

Google adsense approved my blogger blog
I got this email from Google AdSense after 3 days of application

The above image is a screenshot of one of my blogger blogs that got adsense approval after 3 days of application.

Now, you know who you're dealing with, I mean come on, it won't make sense if you're reading a post on how to get adsense approval that is written by someone who haven't done it before right?

So that's exactly what you're going to get if you follow the same strategy that I followed.

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so without further ado, let's get that your blogger blog ready for adsense approval, shall we.

but just before we start, let me quickly remind you of the requirements that you need to meet before you can be able to get adsense approval on your blogger blog.

If you want to see a video tutorial on how to get AdSense approval, watch the video below

Is it hard to get approved for Adsense?

Getting approved for Google Adsense is not hard at all, that is if you follow the rules, however if you try to game the system, it may take forever to get adsense approval, I have gotten adsense approval within 3 days of application, so this alone should stand as a sign that getting approved for adsense is somthing that can be achieved by anyone.

How long does it take to get Adsense approval?

It depends, you can get adsense approval within hours and you can also get approved within weeks or even months, but to make the process more faster and easier you need to have a lot of quality contents on your blog, and if all your posts and overall homepage are indexed or ranking, it will be a lot faster.

Google adsense approval requirements for a blogger blog

You must be at least 18 years old

Now, if you're less than 18 years of age, that doesn't mean you can't use AdSense, it only says you can't sign up for it by yourself,

Age requirements for google adsense approval

you can have someone of age to sign up for you, like your mom, brother, sister, you name them.

Age requirements for adsense approval

But one thing is clear, the person must be 18+

You must own a blog

You need a blog to apply for google adsense on blogger, you can't just create a blogger account and apply for adsense when you don't create a blog.

You must own a blog to use adsense on blogger blog

if you don't own a blog yet, read this guide, on that guide, I will walk you through step by step process that you can follow to create your own professional looking bogger blog within minutes.

You must have unique contents

Unique contents simply means a piece of content that can not be found anywhere else on the internet apart from your blog.

You need contents to get adsense approval

if you're a fan of copy and paste, sorry you can't use adsense, you need to become a unique content creator to use adsense.

I'll soon publish an article on this blog that will teach you how to become a unique content creator.

Take this post for example, this post was written by me, word for word, sentence to sentence and paragraphs to paragraphs.

If you want to apply for adsense with a blogger blog and get approved, then this kind of content is what you should be creating.

All your contents must meet the adsense program policies

Now, like every other legal company, google adsense have policies, and one of the best ways to get them to approve your blog is by abiding by those polices.

Site pages that are ready for adsense

There's nothing complicated here, they strictly made their policies clear that you should not create illegal contents, dangerous or derogatory contents, misrepresentative contents and so on, 

here are the complete Google Adsense program policies stated by them, kindly read through it carefully and do your best to abide by them.

Why should you use adsense?

The question though that most people will be asking is, "why should I use AdSense?" let me answer this simple question.

If you're a blogger, and you are looking for ways to earn from your work, then Google Adsense is one of the best things you can use to make money.

there are hundreds of not thousands of other ways to monetize your blog, but adsense is just one of the best.

I am also a big fan of affiliate marketing, but Google Adsense is just a way to earn money from your blog simply by getting random traffic to your blog.

with affiliate marketing, you need targeted people in order to make any money, but with google adsense, you can make money just by driving any sort of traffic to your blog.

another reason is, in affiliate marketing and other blog monetization ways, your blog readers needs to spend money before you can earn

but with google adsense, they only need to click on an advertisement, that's all, so google adsense is good and I'll recommend you to do it if you own a blog.

Do you need to have enough traffic before you can apply for adsense?

Well, most beginners think that they need to be having huge amount of traffic coming to their blog before they can get google adsense approval,

but that's not true, you need huge traffic to earn huge amounts of money with adsense, but you don't need huge traffic to get google adsense approval.

I've gotten adsense approval on a blogger blog that is getting less than 10 visitors daily, hands down.

How to get google adsense approval fast with a blogger blog

1. Make sure your blog is 3 months old or more

I know you're itchy to apply for adsense, but what will it benefit you if you rush to apply and then get a disapproval notice.

Before you should apply for a google adsense on a blogger blog or any other blog, wait for your blog to reach at least 3 months old before applying.

one thing with new blogs is that, it won't get a lot of trust from nearly anyone, and that includes Google,

if your blog is new and you rush to apply for AdSense, it will be obvious that you are just creating the blog to get adsense approval and nothing more.

Google AdSense is looking for a blog that people love and trust, and to reach that potential, you need time,

that's why 3 months is good, at least, within this period of time, your blog will look legitimate and trustworthy.

Note: this is just my opinion, but it have worked for me and several others and I'm sure it will work for you too, so feel free to do it.

2. Apply a google adsense friendly premium theme

One of the things that most bloggers neglect before applying for google adsense with a blogger blog is having a nice and Google Adsense friendly theme applied on their blog.

Google adsense have also made it clear in their policies that your blog must have a good looking design and structure.

If you neglect this, it may affect your approval, so in my case, if you're using a blogger blog to apply for adsense, there's one theme that always works.

I brought that theme about 3 months ago, and it have been working like crazy.

I bought the theme for $10, but I'm offering it to anyone for $5, that's 50% off the initial price, so make sure you buy the theme here if you're actually ready for adsense approval.

another mistake that you will easily make is using a free theme, using a free theme either downloaded or used from the blogger theme list may also cause adsense to disapprove your adsense request.

If your theme is having something like this o

A free download theme for blogger footer
Using a free downloaded theme may affect your adsense approval

Or this

Free blogger theme footer may affect your adsense approval
Free blogger theme may also affect your adsense approval

I'm sure it will impact your adsense approval request, so the best I can do to help you is by offering you with the theme that I've personally used to apply for AdSense on a blogger blog and get approved.

check it out here for a 50% discount now.

3. Create 20+ unique and in-depth posts

I guess I've already talked about what unique content is earlier in this post, another term is "in-depth"

when I say in-depth, I mean, complete, if your content is in-depth, it means that it is complete, if you're writing a blog post on how to get google adsense approval,

make sure you talk about everything that your readers won't need to read another article to understand what you're writing about.

this means, you'll make sure that your article or blog post is the most complete of the topic that it covers, that's in-depth.

It will work guys, it have worked several times for me and many others, so it will work for you.

4. Create the important pages

Your blog needs a number of pages before you can get adsense approval on it.

these pages are, About, Contact, Privacy policy, Disclaimer, Terms & conditions. without these pages, you won't be able to get adsense approval on your blogger blog.

An about us page is a page where you disclose to your blog readers what your blog is about, how it can help them and also the person that runs the blog, there's nothing complicated about it, take this about page for example.

Contact page is a page where your blog readers can use to reach out to you, it only need to contain a few sentences on how they can contact you and the time they should expect a reply, take this contact us page for example.

Privacy policy page is about how your blog uses the data of your readers, for example, in many blogs, when people make comments, some of the commenter's information will be used to interact with them.

Google adsense strictly said said you should let your blog readers know how their data are used by your blog. 

Disclaimer page is a page that your readers will visit to see how your blog works with their information and also accept it.

Terms and condition page is a page that sets the agreement between your blog and the users, it also shows the rules that your readers must accept to keep whenever they use your blog.

About page and contact page can be easily created by you, but the rest of the pages, you can create them for free or paid using online tools, because they are difficult to create and also requires some sorts of legal knowledge.

Note: without these pages, you won't, I repeat, you won't get approved for google adsense on a blogger blog or any other blog.

5. Index all your posts and your overall blog

If this sounds strange to you, an indexed page is a page that search engines know about, but a non indexed page is a page that search engines have no idea if it even exists.

If none of your blog posts are indexed on Google, you won't be able to get adsense approval, so make sure your homepage and your blog posts are indexed properly on Google before making a request to join Google Adsense.

Google adsense approval with blogger blog
An indexed page taken on Google search console

to index your pages, you can either build links to the pages or manually submit it to search engines by using search console.

6. Share your posts on social medias

Sharing your posts on social media won't only help you get some few visitors to your blog, but it will also help it get indexed faster, which is a win-win situation.

One thing I'll advise you to do is to create social media profiles for your blog, a Facebook page, Twitter page, Pinterest account and so on.

Getting adsense approval on a blogger blog
One of my post that I shared on my Facebook page

each time you publish a new post, simply share it on all the social media profiles that you create for your blog, this may sound simple and basic, but it is very important if you're trying to get google adsense approval.

7. Apply for google adsense

After following all the above things, then you can proceed to apply for google adsense,

How to apply for google adsense with a blogger blog

1. open your Blogger dashboard

2. select the blog you want to get google adsense approval on

3. click on earnings

4. click create adsense account

Creating adsense account with blogger

following the above steps, you will create an adsense account within minutes.

after that, you can sit back and wait for a positive results within a short period of time, all the steps and tips I share on this page are working for me, so try it out.

If you still need a more in-depth tutorial on how to get Google Adsense Approval for a blogger blog, watch the below video

How to earn more with google adsense

Google adsense earnings can be a bit frustrating at times, sometimes you can even see a CPC of less than $0.5, and sometimes, you'll be shocked to see that you had many visitors but yet very low earning.

here are the tips on how to get high AdSense earnings.

1. Place ads in the header section of your blog

2. place adsense ads within your contents

3. Target Keywords with high CPC

this 3 tips are working perfectly fine and I'll urge you to use them and boost your adsense earnings.

If you still need a more in-depth tutorial on how to get Google Adsense Approval for a blogger blog, watch this video

Final thoughts on getting adsense approval fast with a blogger blog

One thing that must beginner bloggers do is starting out with the wrong process.

There are a lot of things you need to know before you can become a successful blogger, 

money is something that you'll get after a job well done, and it is the same in blogging,

for you to start earning, you need to work hard and smart, just getting your blog ready for adsense won't make you a millionaire or make you rich overnight.

most new bloggers even become more frustrated after having adsense on their blog, because they earn peanuts on a monthly basis.

if you want to get a different result, you should also work differently. 

okay that's all for now guys, I hope you get some value out of my today's guide, and if you happen to like this post, kindly help me share it on social media.

and if you have any questions or anything to say, leave it in the comments section, I wish you all the best.

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