How to Make Money With Blogspot in 6 Steps

How to Make Money With Blogspot in 6 Steps

Making money with blogspot

In today's guide I am going to show you how to make money with blogspot in exactly 6 steps.

Blogspot is a blogging platform that anyone with a gmail account can use to create a blog for absolutely free of charge,

as we all know, almost all Google Products are free to use, products like Google sites, Gmail, Google docs and the list goes on.

blogspot is Google's blogging platform that you can use to create your own blog for free and even use the blog to make money through affiliate marketing, Google AdSense or selling your personal products to your blog readers.

In today's guide, you're going to see exactly how you can make money using blogspot, hands down.

I've been using blogspot for more than 3 years now, I've also used it to create my personal blog,,, and many other blogs

So if you would like to learn, read on, I am also going to answer some few related questions that you may be having in mind.

so without wasting time, let's get started with today's guide, follow the below 6 steps to make money with blogspot.

Can I earn money through blogspot?

Yes, you can make money through blogspot through affiliate marketing, google AdSense, selling ad space to people or selling your personal products

most people are still asking if it is possible to make money with blogspot, of course you can, I've been making money using blogspot for more than a year now, and you can also do the same.

How much can you earn from blogspot?

How much you can earn from blogspot is totally up to you, the more effort you apply and the more better you do it, the higher you will earn, and it also depends on your visitors.

if your blog is getting high amount of traffic, you can make a lot of money with it, so how much you can earn cannot be measured accurately.

How to make money with blogspot

1. Build a blog with blogspot

You first need to create a blog with blogspot before you can use it to make any money, so follow the below steps to create your blog with blogger.

1. Go to and sign in using your Gmail account

Blogspot homepage
image credit:

If you don't have Gmail account you can create one for free, but without a Gmail account you can't use blogger.

2. Click create your blog to get started

Creating your blog with blogspot

3. Choose a name for your blog, example, Agyo James, 

Choosing a name for your blog with blogspot

4. Choose a URL for your blog, 

Choosing a URL for your blog with blogspot

Your URL is the domain extension of your blog, for example

The domain URL of this blog is, when choosing a URL, make sure you don't give spaces like you see in the example

I combined Agyo and James together, you must also make sure all the characters are in small letters.

Note, sometimes someone might have already created a blog with the URL you want to name your blog, in that case you're going to see a red text telling you that this blog address is not available,

Blogger url error

Don't worry, just make some few changes until you find one that is available, but make sure your blog URL is nice

Make it short and memorable, also make it connected with your blog topic if possible.

Your blog URL should also be as short as possible.

5. Choose a theme

you'll see some list of themes, choose any of them to continue, you can also change it later if you like.

Blogspot themes

If you follow the above steps, you're done creating your blog, it's time to move on to the next step, 

But you need a more concise steps read how to create a blog with blogger for clarification.

2. Create useful pages for your blog

Creating pages like Contact us, About us, Privacy policy will make your blog stand out from the crowd

And people will love and trust your blog.

About us page

An about us is a page that tells your blog readers about your blog, why you created it and how it can be of use to them.

There nothing complicated in creating an about us page, take this about page for example.

All you need to do is to be truthful and clear, you can also include pictures of yourself if you like.

Contact us page

This page is the page that your visitors will always use to contact you if they need to, this page is very important.

For example, if your readers will like to advertise on your blog, they can use the contact us page to reach out to you.

If they are having problem with your blog, they can also contact you to let you know about it, so that you can fix it.

Creating a contact us page is very easy, You just need to write a few line of text telling them the kind of message they can send to you and how long it will take you to reply and then include how they can contact you, either through your email, phone number, WhatsApp, Facebook or any other messaging form.

Privacy policy page

This page is very important, on this page, you will tell your visitors how your blog interact with their data whenever they visit your blog.

Creating this page is very difficult and requires some legal knowledge, so you can use online forms to create it either for free or pay to get a more personal one.

3. Publish quality blog posts

Blog posts are the things that will attract people to your blog, and it is the way you are going to use to make money with blogspot.

So the posts are very important, you should take your time each time you're creating a post for your blog.

If you want your blog posts to rank on search engines and bring traffic to your blog, you need to know some on page SEO to make that possible.

On page SEO is the kind of practice you do on your blog posts so that search engines like Google can rank your blog posts whenever people are searching online for a problem that your blog post can solve.

To create a post, go to blogger, open the blog you want to work on and go to dashboard and click create post button, after that, start writing your blog post.

Enter a title for your blog, and don't forget to break up your blog post into section using the heading format.

If you're writing about how to build a blogspot blog for example, you need to break it down like you're seeing here in this page.

And don't just write, but write to educate your readers, make sure your blog post contains at lease 500 words.

How to add image in blogger post

To include a picture to your blog post, click on the image icon and select upload from your computer to fetch the image from your device.

How to add links in blogger

If you want to link to other pages on the internet, you can use the permalink method do that, just select the word or image you want to make a link and click on the chain icon, and enter the link you want it to point to.

after everything you can now publish your blog post.

4. Monetize your blog

To make money with blogspot, you need to either promote affiliate products, sign up for AdSense or sell your products to your readers.

How to monetize your blog through affiliate marketing

In this guide, we are going to be using affiliate marketing, so to promote affiliate products, you need to sing up for an affiliate marketing account.

If you want to be promoting physical products like smartphones, hand gloves, clothes etc, you should sign up for Amazon Associate.

Sign up for Amazon associate to make money with blogspot

But if you want to be promoting digital products like e-books, online courses or digital tools, you can sign up for clickbank Affiliate

Sign up for clickbank affiliate to make money with blogspot

After that, you can take any product link and start promoting it inside of your blog posts or using the sidebars on your blog.

When you do this, anytime your readers click on those links and make a purchase, you'll earn a commission.

But make sure the products you're promoting are relevant to your blog topic, if your blog is about gardening, you should be promoting gardening tools and courses.

And if the blog is about Blogging, you can promote things like computers, blogging courses and so on, so choose products that's relevant to your blog,

If you don't choose a relevant product, it will be difficult for you to make sales.

How to make money with blogspot using Google Adsense 

You can also monetize your blogspot blog through Google Adsense, adsense is an advertising network that promotes businesses by placing adverts on blogs.

To make money with Google Adsense on your blogger blog, all you need to do is to create a lot of quality Contents on your blog, get them indexed, allow the blog to spend a few weeks or months then apply for AdSense. Let me show you how to to go about it.

1. Create 20 or more contents on your blog

2. Index all of the contents with google search console

3. Wait for your blog to age like 1-3 months

4. Apply for google adsense

For a detailed guide on making money with blogspot through adsense, read my guide on how to get google adsense approval on a blogger blog

5. Share your blog posts on social media

After creating your blog and publishing enough blog posts on your blogspot blog, you can start making money with blogspot.

But you can't make money with blogspot without readers coming to your blog, if you want to depend on search engine traffic it can take months, or even years

So to fasten the process, you can start promoting your blog posts on social medias like facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any social media that you have access to.

When you share your blog posts on social media, people can click those links and visit your blog, and whenever they make a purchase of the products you're promoting on your blog, you will earn a commission.

For a detailed on guide on getting visitors to your blog, read my blog post on 21 proven ways to get traffic to your blog.

6. Start making money with blogspot 

Keep promoting your blog posts until you start making money from them, but don't stop there.

Keep publishing quality blog posts to your blog, because when you do, people are going to love your blog and they will like to visit it on a steady basis.

If you want to know whether you've made a sale, go to your affiliate account, you'll see how people are interacting with your affiliate links.

Final thoughts on how to make money with blogspot

So that's it guys, follow each and every steps I mentioned above and you're going to see results, I've been using this same step to make money with my blogspot blog and I believe you can also do the same.

Share this post with others, and if you have any questions, or anything you want to say, you can do so with the comment section below.

I wish you good luck.

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