How to Start a Blog and Make Money for Free

How to Start a Blog and Make Money for Free

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Hello and welcome to my blog, in this blog I normally teach people how to make money online using different methods that I have learnt over the past few years,

and I have helped a lot of people using this blog and I have also learnt a lot during this process 

if you check out this blog regularly you're going to see a lot of articles that I have published,

but let's skip the fluff, in this very detailed guide I'm going to be showing you how to start a blog and make money for free without the need to pay anything,

this applies to whether you have done blogging before or not, even if this is your first time hearing the term "blogging" 

this guide is going to show you the exact process that you are going to follow to make money online with blogging,

because I'm going to be giving the full guide, detailed step-by-step that you are going to follow whether you are a beginner in blogging or you haven't heard it before,

so whatever you are doing I will advise you to drop it and follow me through the guide that I'm about to share with you in this page that is if you are interested to make money online with blogging.

Apart from teaching you how to make money with blogging I am also going to be sharing some factual information with you on this page that will educate you more about blogging, how it works and so on and so forth.

So without wasting anymore of your time let's dive right in.

What you'll learn in this guide

  • Can you make money with a free blog?
  • Things you should know before starting a blog
  • How to start a blog and make money for free

so lets start right away!

Before I even start giving you the steps by step process you need to follow and make money with a free blog you like to be asking yourself questions like 

Can you make money with a free blog? 

because we all know that before you can start a blog there are some things you need to pay, 

for example "hosting account, domain name, theme, logo and so on" especially if you are using wordpress, if you are using wordpress then you have to buy a domain name and also pay for hosting in order to create a blog,

and all those things are going to cost you nothing less than $100, so if you don't have any money in your pocket or you don't have any money in your bank

you will be asking if it will be possible for you to even make money with a free blog, well yes you can actually make money with a free blog, in fact I am speaking out of experience because I myself I have built several free blogs, Read more here "Can I make money with a free blogspot blog?" 

most of them haven't made me a penny yet, but some of them are making some good money for me over the past few years, so 

yes it is possible for you to make money with a free blog, but there are some certain things that you must know in order to make this thing possible. 

if you are listening to the masses, what many people are saying about free blogs then you are going to believe that making money with a free blog is absolutely impossible 

but I promise you one thing, if you follow me through this guide I'm going to show you exactly how to start a blog and make money for free so whatever you have learnt outside Of this page I will advise you to keep it apart, 

because you are about to learn a totally new thing that you haven't learnt from anywhere else,

I'm saying this because I have also made thorough research before writing this detailed guide,

I have made research over and over again just to find out a genuine way to learn how to make money online with a free blog but all of the contents and articles and guides that I'm seeing outside of this page are telling me that I cannot make money with a free blog,

However I have already known that it is possible because I am making money from a free blog and so I decided that I should just write the detailed guide on my blog and here we are.

Things you should know before starting a blog

Whether you have tested blogging before or this is your first time, there are some things that you must know before starting a blog. 

Especially if this is your first time trying to get into the art of blogging, I am going to be sharing 8 things you need to know before starting a blog below 

So I will advise you to read through it and take note of them, preferably, you should write them down and save them somewhere that you can see anytime you want 

you can either write them down and save it in your notebook or save it in your phone or download a notebook on your smartphone and save the things that I am about to share with you below.

the reason for this is, most beginners in blogging fail, most people create a blog and try to keep up with it but in a month or two or three you will see them giving up on the journey,

I even remember two of my friends who started blogging in 2019 they started blogging with full efforts, they published a lot of articles on the blog and in the following month they all started to get tired of the process,

this is because they never took note of the eight things I'm about to share with you, so if you don't want to make the same mistakes that most beginners in blogging and making, 

I'll advise you to take this very seriously, so below are the eight things you need to know before starting a blog

1. Blogging takes time to grow

most beginners in blogging when they start, they always get the notion that it is going to take them not more than 2 or 3 weeks before they will start to get success from the blog,

This is crazy if you know what you are doing in blogging, in fact according to the articles and guides that I found on the internet, and based on my experience,

blogging takes at least 3 months in order to start getting any results at all so I'll advise you to put this in your mind because blogging really takes time to grow 

if you think that blogging is kind of a quick way to start getting traffic from Google and start getting attention from people on the internet then you are getting it all wrong most of the articles and guides you find on the front page of Google are more than 1 year old.

Although this doesn't mean that any article you publish will take a year to start ranking on the front page of Google,

if your website is old enough, after publishing an article on your blog it is not  going to take that long to appear in the front page of Google, but if you are starting a blog newly then you shouldn't expect any quick result at all.

and also keyword difficulty matters in how you are going to rank on Google and start getting traffic if you are a new blog you should start targeting low competition keywords because they are going to be very much easier for you to rank but if you go after high competition keywords it is going to be almost impossible for you to Rank. You can read more about this here.

2. Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme

most beginners in blogging are starting their blog in order to make money,

meanwhile, it is not a bad idea to start your blog with the intention of making money with it, but once you think that blogging is a get-rich-quick kind of thing, at that moment you have already failed,

because blogging takes time and before you will start making any money from your blog you need to spend months working on your blog,

because nobody is ready to buy anything from your blog or trust you when you are just new but if you have built a loyal fanbase and you have been around helping people with your articles and guides then making money from your blog is going to be easier.

so if you are starting a blog with the intention of making money with it I will advise you to take note that it is going to take you time in order for you to start making money with your blog,

if you are starting a blog right now and you are expecting to make money with it in a week or two then I'll advise you to drop it and think of other ways to make money online because blogging is not going to give you money within a period of two weeks or three weeks it is going to take months or even years, and depending on your strategy.

Although this doesn't apply to every person for example if you are already known by many people before creating your blog it is possible for you to start making money with it sooner

Think about it yourself, Now let's say somebody as popular as Jeff Bezos start his blog, you know that many people have already known him and most people have already trusted Him, So with his popularity and his influential characteristic making money with his blog is kind of possible.

But if you are just nobody that pops out from who knows where and start a blog and expecting to make money with it soon then it is not a good idea.

3. Keeping up with blogging is difficult

another mistake that new bloggers make is they don't put it behind their mind that once they start blogging they have to keep the process going. 

one thing with blogging is once you start you should know that the journey is continuous

if you don't put this behind your mind then you are making a very big mistake in blogging, the thing you should do is to take note that once you start, there are processes that you must follow in order to succeed 

it is not a one-time journey blogging is a continuous journey once you start it will take you a long time before you will start seeing success and that is the reason why keeping up with blogging is difficult

because you are going to be doing same thing over and over again and seeing no results for a very long time, most people can't endure this process 

they will often think that the process is too long and that they cannot make it, once you start to have this feeling when doing your blog then it is time for you to refresh and get new ideas from pro bloggers.

even if you go out to ask experienced bloggers about the process in blogging all of them are going to tell you the same thing 

they are going to say that blogging is a continuous process and it is difficult, if you are not ready to face the difficulty in blogging then you are not ready to start a blog yet.

4. Blogging needs a lot of effort

Before you start having the idea of creating your first blog one thing you should know is that blogging needs a lot of effort especially if you want to use it to make money this is going to take you a lot of time and a lot of work so once you start your blog be ready to give it your all give it your time your effort and work very hard that is when you're going to succeed in blogging

if you don't have enough time to put into your blog or you're not ready to put a lot of effort into your blog then you should get ready to spend money in order to have people do these things for you because there are no ways you can bypass this process

I remembered when I started my first blog I used to spend almost the full day working on my blog but the only mistake I made at that time was not learning before I start 

I didn't learn the ways of blogging I didn't even know how blogging works and so on, that is why my first blogs failed to succeed

Because I had no idea what I was doing, although I was putting a lot of time and work into the process but I was doing everything wrongly so when I'm talking about putting a lot of time into your blogging journey I'm also talking about putting a lot of time to do the right thing 

if you spent forever doing the wrong thing on your blog it's still not going to take you anywhere so whatever you are doing make sure that you also spend some time learning from experienced people,

This will help you in implementing the write strategies on your blog.

How to start a blog and make money for free

Choose your domain name

Your domain name is the name of your blog, for example, the domain name of this blog is, 

So you need to choose your domain name before deciding to setup your blog, when choosing your domain name, 

You should make it as short as possible, because short names are easy to remember, there’s nothing complicated about this, 

it can even be your name like my own domain name which is my first and last name together, or your domain name can be something related to your niche,

 For example, if your niche is food, you can name it something like yourname+food, or something like that, 

And if you want to pay for a custom domain name, you can go over to namecheap and buy your preferred domain name, but if you don’t have money for a domain name, 

you can use a subdomain for your blog, take this my blog for example, it is on a subdomain and it is running smoothly, I am not even planning to buy a domain name for the blog, 

but bear in mind if you choose to use a subdomain, blogspot or wordpress will be added to it, making it look like this ( ) 

But there’s nothing wrong with using a subdomain for your blog, it will only show to everyone that you are using a free website but when it comes to traffic or ranking your blog on the search engines, a blog on subdomain wouldn’t hinder you from anything like that. 

but if you ask me for a recommendation, I will advise you to choose a paid domain name, because if you do, it will make your blog look professional. After choosing your domain name it is time for you to start building your blog

Setup your blog

The second thing you must do is to setup your blog, this process is the second and the most important part you should focus on, 

Setting up your blog should take not more than 20 minutes because it is very easy, even if you haven’t done it before, the process is quite simple and basic,

I’ve covered the steps on how to setup your first blog even as a beginner on on of my recent post, so you can check it out here

Publish useful pages on your blog

After setting up your blog, you should publish useful pages on it, pages like About us, Contact us and Privacy Policy are the most important pages you must publish on your blog, 

with these pages published on your blog, your blog will have a professional look and search engines like Google will love your blog,

The about us and contact us page are the most important and must have pages for your blog, there’s nothing complicated about the About us page, 

all you need to write on the page is a brief introduction of yourself and why you created the blog and also how the blog can help your visitors, check out my post on how to create an about us page for your blog. 

Contact us page is also very easy to create, all you need to include is a short text followed by the way your visitors can contact you and that’s it.

The rest pages like Privacy policy, terms and conditions can be generated with some web apps, for all my blogs, I am generating these pages from this website

Publish quality contents on your blog

Your blog is nothing without contents on it, the contents are the blog posts, infographics images or videos that people can find on your blog, without those contents,

nobody will visit your blog, in fact, nobody will find your blog when you have no contents on it

So you should take your time and create quality contents that people will love on your blog, when I say quality contents I am talking about contents that solves your readers problem, 

for example, if you are blogging in the food niche, you need to publish posts that will help your visitors, it can be something like how to bake cake, how to toast bread etc, as long as the content will solve your readers problem, it is a quality contents, 

Optimize your contents

Optimizing your contents is simply making them understandable by search engines, if you want searchers to find your contents on search engines like google, what you need to do is to optimize them and if you do, 

google will understand your contents and rank them high on google and whenever someone searches for something that is published on your blog, the searcher will find it on google and thus, 

click through it, there are other ways to get visitors to your blog like running ads on google, bing, social media so that your contents will be advertised for them to see.

Share your contents

Sharing your contents will help you attract visitors to your blog from other platforms, for example, if you share your content on facebook, people on facebook can click the link from there and come to your blog to digest your blog contents, 

if you are planning on sharing your contents on social media, you can create a page that represents your blog on search social media so that, whenever you publish a new post, you can share it on your page, it’s that simple

Monetize your blog

After all the work, now is the time for you to monetize your blog, when you do this, that is when you will start to generate income from your blog, but before you start monetizing your blog, it is advisable that you already have some few visitors coming to your blog, because if no one is coming to your blog, it will make no sense, because even if you monetize it, you won’t be able to make any money from it.

Ways to monetize your blog

You can either advertise on your blog with Google adsense, affiliate marketing or selling your own product, Google adsense is one of the most popular ways of monetizing your blog followed by affiliate marketing, 

Google adsense is an ad network that you can sign up with your blog and then they will place advertisements on your blog and whenever your visitors click on those advertisements, you will earn a commission, 

Final thoughts

So that’s it guys, if you’ve been trying to know how to start a blog and make money for free, then there you have it, there’s no any other way, and I myself have been using this same method to make money from my blog, 

and if you follow the exact process I gave you above, then you’re surely going to make money with your free blog, 

Most people will make you to believe that you can’t make money with a free blog, but that’s not true, follow the steps I gave you above and you’ll thank me later, 

and if you like to learn blogging SEO and how to make money online you can subscribe to my newsletter with your email address for absolutely free of charge, 

when you do this, anytime I publish a new post on my blog, you will get a notification in your email address

And if you have any questions regarding this post, kindly leave it in the comment section below and I’ll be more than happy to help you, I hope to see you next time, have a nice day.

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