The Skills You Need to Become a Blogger

The Skills You Need to Become a Blogger

7 skills you need to become a blogger

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Have you been planning to start your own blog and you feel like you don’t have the essential skills to start blogging?

In this article I am going to show you all the skills you need to become a successful blogger in 2021 and beyond,

Blogging is something that can be done by anyone, including you, but there are some skills that you need to know in order to become a successful blogger.

One thing that almost all the beginners do wrongly is jumping into the art of blogging without knowing the skills they need to succeed, hopefully, it is not going to affect you, because you have the opportunity to see this article which they didn’t see before starting out in blogging.

And if you know these skills, you’re going to be a lot more different from them, you’re going to succeed.

What you'll learn:

  • Why new bloggers fail
  • How you can succeed in blogging as a beginner
  • The benefits of learning the skills of blogging before starting out
  • The complete skills you need to become blogger

Why new bloggers fail

New bloggers fail because they don’t learn the skills they need before starting out, almost all the successful bloggers you see today complained they didn’t learn the skills they needed before starting out, and this results to difficulty in the beginning of their blogging career.

All the new bloggers make the same mistakes, I also made that same mistake, when I was starting out,

Let me tell you a story of how I got into the art of blogging and failed for over 3 years before finally getting it right.

First, I knew that I can make money from blogging and that was the only reason why I decided to start blogging, “to make money”

Now, that is not a bad reason to start blogging, but it is if I think I can do it without even knowing how it works, I just went over to blogspot and created my first blog,

I started copying articles from other websites, editing it a little and changing the photos and then publish and keep sharing the post on social medias so that I could get some few visitors on my blog.

I did this for over 3 months and then I applied for adsense and got rejected. I deleted the blog, created another one and did the same thing, I did this same thing for almost 1.5 years, and kept on failing, I was only focused on the benefit that blogging would give me without knowing how it really works.

Now, if I had used this same amount of time to learn the necessary skills I needed to start blogging, it would have been a lot better.

I know you love to start a blog, I understand that you love to see thousands of visitors coming to read your blog every day, but let me burst the bubble, if you just jump into blogging like that, you will never succeed, never!

How can you succeed in blogging as a beginner?

I love this question, if you start asking this kind of question, then you’re very close to success in blogging, because you’re going to find the answers that will guide you.

To succeed as a beginner in blogging, you must know and learn the required skills you need to blog effectively. And that is what I am going to be sharing with you in this article, congratulations!

The benefits of learning the skills of blogging before starting out

Apart from becoming successful in blogging when you learn the skills, there are other benefits to it, how beautiful is this.

1. Save time

a clock and plus sign

If you learn the skills before starting in blogging, it will save you a lot of time, I know a list of facebook groups with thousands of new bloggers who have been blogging for years without success, but if these new bloggers take time to learn these skills, they wouldn’t be wasting their time in those groups asking dumb questions.

If you join those groups, you are going to see a lot of people asking basic questions like “how to make money with a blog” something they should have known even before starting out in blogging, now, if you learn the skills, you won’t be in those groups asking those kind of questions, you will be taking action instead.

2. Make money

When you learn these skills, people will be ready to hire you for services, for example, I myself ive been given jobs by people from different part of the world, about 3 months ago, I remember writing articles for one Korean man

Because I am good at it, I’ve also worked for a man from the US, so if you learn these skills, bloggers and internet marketers who don’t have much time in their hands can hire you to work for them because you’re good in the skills

3. Become an expert

Learning these skills will make you become an instant expert in blogging, even without owning your own blog, you will be an expert in blogging, because you are already good in the art, being an expert in blogging is one blessing, and you’ll never regret being one

Because I am already an expert in blogging even though my blog isn’t that popular yet, I now own a group of over a thousand new bloggers who are learning from me, you can see the group on facebook here.

Also, if you become an expert, your blog won’t be long before it will become popular, because you already have that fame among a few people, those people will be the ones to make your blog popular when they talk about you with friends and people that are having problems in blogging.

4. Bring backinks


Backlinks is one of the most important things in blogging, if your blog attracts a lot of backlinks, it will rank higher and when you publish articles, Google will easily rank it their search results pages which will end up fetching you organic traffic.

The complete skills you need to become a blogger

Below you are going to see the complete skills you need to learn before starting a blog, although these skills can be ignored if you have the capital to employ people with the skills to do it for you, but one thing is clear, if you want to be paying people to be doing these things for you, there’s no way you will call yourself a blogger.

but it is better to learn the skills because it is not only going to save your money, but it will also be a lot better if you’re doing it by yourself because, when you do this yourself, you’re going to give it your best, but if you employ other people, most of them care only about the pay and don’t care whether you succeed or not.

So, if you love to start a blog and also want to succeed, then take your time to learn the below skills, it is not going to take you that long period of time to learn them, and when you do this, it is going to save you a lot of time and it can also fetch you a lot of money if you choose to do it right.

1. Planning

Before you start a blog, you need to plan everything from start to finish, planning will help you avoid mistakes in the process, if you plan something, whatever you see in the future will not seem strange to you because you already know it will come

Since blogging is all about creating contents, you should plan out the contents you want to publish on your blog in an amount of time, for example, you can plan the first 30 blog posts you want to publish in the next one month followed by the activities you will do in the same month.

All the new bloggers don’t know about this, although planning is also a difficult thing to do, but if you finally do it, it is going to save you a ton of working time in the future.

2. Keyword research

A Keyword and a lens

Keyword research is the first thing you need to do before writing any blog post on your blog, this is if you want your blog posts to rank on Google and bring traffic to your blog,

Keyword research is when analyze a keyword to know how many times people are searching for it on the internet and also how difficult it will be for you to rank for that keyword when you write about the keyword.

Let me make this clear, let’s say you want to write a blog post on the topic, “how to grow sun flower” before you write the blog post, you need to analyze that keyword to know how many times people are searching for it on the internet,

If no one is searching for it, then there’s no need to write it, because even if you do, it will not bring any traffic to your blog, and you also need to know how difficult the keyword is.

If the keyword is too difficult, then there’s no need to write it, because even if you do, no one is going to find your blog post, so these are the things you need to know before writing a blog post, if you do your keyword research before writing a blog post, then your blog posts are going to rank on search engines and also bring traffic to your blog.

3. Content creation

A blog post

Blogging is all about contents, no one is going to visit your blog when there are no contents on it, so you need to know how to create quality contents that readers are going to love when they see it,

You’ve read about the mistake i made in the past, where I just go to other websites and blogs and copy their contents and paste it on my blog, if you copy other blogger’s contents and publish it on your blog, it is going to be bad, and your blog may be reported by the owner of the contents and your blog may crash.

But if you know how to write quality contents, you’re going to be able to write the contents that people will love, and when people love your contents they are also going to love your blog, which is every blogger’s dream.

In fact, content creation is the most valuable skill in blogging, so if you want to succeed in blogging, then you should learn how to create quality contents.

4. Content optimization

Content Optimization

Content creation and content optimization are almost the same things, but content optimization is when you set up your content to make search engines to recognize it and rank it higher on the search engine,

Let’s say you wrote an article about” how to do keyword research” and when you search for that keyword, you discovered that other people have already written about that topic, however if you want your own copy to rank higher than the others,

You can optimize your blog post so that, the search engines will rank yours higher so that people will find it whenever they search for that keyword.

Content optimization is a very important skill in blogging, if you want your blog posts to perform better on the search engines and bring traffic to your blog, then you need to learn how to optimize a blog post for search engines.

5. SEO (Search engine optimization)


Search engine optimization is when you setup your whole blog so that it ranks higher in search engine when people search for it,

Right now, if you go over to Google and search for “Agyo tech” you’ll see that this blog is ranking number one in the results, this is so because I’ve done search engine optimization on the blog, if I didn’t do SEO for this blog, it wouldn’t have been possible for my blog to rank.

So SEO is very important if you want your whole blog and your contents to perform better on the search engines.

SEO is also a very valuable skill right now, some people are now doing SEO for other blogs and websites and are getting paid for it, this alone should explain how important it is.

6. Social media marketing

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Although this is very optional, but if you do it properly, you’re really going to see the effectiveness, social media marketing is when you use social medias like Facebook, twitter etc to connect with your customers outside of search engines,

You know I told you that when you rank your blog posts on search engines, it will bring a lot of traffic to your blog, but before your blog posts will rank on search engines, it will take some time before you will start seeing visitors coming to your blog from search engines,

But if you use social media marketing, while you’re waiting for visitors to come through search engines, you can start seeing them coming through social medias.

In fact, if you own a blog, it is necessary to also create a social media page representing that brand, when you do this, it is going to show that your blog is professional and it will show that you’re serious, apart from that, it is an extra win for your blog

Because, things are easily shared on social medias than they are anywhere else, this means if you create a page on social media for you business, people are going to share what you have to offer with their friends on social media,

And this means more customers and blog readers for your blog. Social media marketing is also very effective if done the right way, so learn how to do social media marketing for your blog if you really want it to go far,

In fact, all the big business you know right now are using social media to market to their customers, so what is stopping you?

Even AgyoTech as a blog also has social media pages, and we are getting a lot of blog visitors from there according to our analytics.

7. Analytics


Blogging works perfectly and professionally if you can track whatever is going on in your blog, that is why google created Google analytics and Google search console, because they also know that tracking your success and process as you go will help you perform better

So before you even start, take your time to learn how these tools work, if you do, it will help you manage your blog and take it to a whole new level.

Learning this skill is very simple, I bet, you can learn almost everything about analytics in a day or two, which is the best part


So guys, that’s it, I hope you get value out of this blog post, if you have any questions regarding blogging, internet marketing and SEO or anything to say, leave it in the comments section below and I will be more than glad to reply to you.

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Don’t forget to share this blog post with people that will find it useful, I hope to you next time, have a nice day and happy blogging

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